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Undead Castle Dev Journal > Undead Castle Intro Video

Posted 25 March 2014

Just a little quick update via Video. Enjoy!

Please check us out at BLMdev.com and IndieDB.com
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Undead Castle Dev Journal > Quick Update: Still Alive

Posted 23 March 2014

Hello followers and interested readers! I just wanted to give a real quick update to let you all know that we're still alive and that we plan on releasing our very first playable Prototype Demo within 3-4 weeks! Woot! If all goes well, I'll be taking the demo to PAX East in April!

Please check us out at BLMdev.com and IndieDB.com

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Undead Castle Dev Journal > Undead Castle Prototype Demo

Posted 12 March 2014

Alas! We’re closing in on our biggest update for the Undead Castle! Our first actual demo of the game. This will include a fully controllable and playable main character (Asher), basic / common Undead enemies, and an interesting game play area to explore and slay zombies in.
Tell me more!
Broken Limits Media is cranking out 3D assets, undead audio...

Undead Castle Dev Journal > Quick Update: Animating Asher

Posted 19 February 2014

Hello gamers! I'm just going to leave a quick update about the Undead Castle game project. Please check out our Vines giving updates to the game. Keep checking in there for weekly updates.
Lately I've been messing about with the animation for our main character. Honestly, I'm a newcomer to modeling and animating, but I think I'm getting the hang of...

Undead Castle Dev Journal > The Undead Castle - Game Premise

Posted 06 February 2014

The Undead Castle
Unden is a country thousands of years old, with the peaceful Devotion monarchy that seems too powerful to topple or appose. The founder, Roman Haas, left behind strict religion and documented his life and laws through the Devont, the Devotions bible. This land of Unden, rich with history, will make a fantastic play world for our game, t...