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#5101150 Networking and Collaborating

Posted by on 13 October 2013 - 07:30 PM

I'm looking to do some networking with high quality studios, especially in Maryland and other east coast states in the US. I'm new to sales in this industry so I'm trying to get a little jump start. I have a solid understanding of communication and business development, but the gaming industry is a new beast for me (in terms of B2B relationships). So where do I start? 


My goals are to:

- find businesses interested in outsourcing their art and/or their mobile app/game development, or all of the above. 

- develop solid, lasting relationships with people working in the industry. (Networking)

- pitch my company's services to industry leaders, producers, publishers, and developers.

- settle deals and help my company get the development process kickstarted with our clients. 


If you have experience please enlighten me. I will pick up on things as I go, but I was hoping to get some legitimate advice to get the ball rolling. Thanks.

#5087299 Task and Timeline management tools?

Posted by on 19 August 2013 - 07:55 AM

I use Assembla.com. I think it's great for what you're looking for. We've been using it for around 6 months. The version we use is $190, but you can do a free one with just 3 members I think. Even that price is not too bad if you're serious about it and can't find something else just as good for free. I'll attach a screenshot of my workspace in Assembla.

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