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Networking and Collaborating

13 October 2013 - 07:30 PM

I'm looking to do some networking with high quality studios, especially in Maryland and other east coast states in the US. I'm new to sales in this industry so I'm trying to get a little jump start. I have a solid understanding of communication and business development, but the gaming industry is a new beast for me (in terms of B2B relationships). So where do I start? 


My goals are to:

- find businesses interested in outsourcing their art and/or their mobile app/game development, or all of the above. 

- develop solid, lasting relationships with people working in the industry. (Networking)

- pitch my company's services to industry leaders, producers, publishers, and developers.

- settle deals and help my company get the development process kickstarted with our clients. 


If you have experience please enlighten me. I will pick up on things as I go, but I was hoping to get some legitimate advice to get the ball rolling. Thanks.

Game Design Document Contests (Grants/Funding?)

17 August 2013 - 08:48 PM

Hey everyone. I run a little team called Broken Limits Media. See blmdev.com.


I'm trying to find out if there is any chance at entering some sort of competition for game design documents. I'm terrible at finding these things on my own. Facebook is pretty much my news feed for anything on the web... I'm terrible. 


I'm trying to enter our GDD into some contest for reputation and potential funding for the project. We could use the money for a variety of licenses (Unity 3D, iOS/Android, audio/art assets, etc.). We really don't need much, just the basics to build a bigger game. The bigger side is getting our name out there, showing the other guys we're serious, and developing a more consistent, strong following. I have several serious members out of our 10 member team, but I need a fully dedicated team and I believe getting noticed more will help attract the more desirable developers. 


So. Where do I start? Where do I look? How do I get our 50 page, 14,000 word, focused Game Design Document in the hands of some reputable judges and see a fair return if we win? I think the info could help many others as well. 


If you're interested in the game, The Undead Castle is a zombie game based 3000+ years into the future. A religious group called the Devotion suppresses advancements in technology, seeing them as a hinderance to human development. They use medieval ways of living, slightly combined with our modern styles, but not our modern ways of life (no phones, no tech, etc.). There's so much more, but that'll do for this post.


I'm open to any feedback and advice for the GDD Contest questions. Please help! 

Broken Limits Media's Cubicle Chimera Update

25 October 2012 - 05:32 PM

Greetings all! I'd just like to link you to a new update from the team. We're just around the corner from completing our first game, a mini project called Cubicle Chimera. We're also in the works of a new concept which I cannot currently discuss because I want to be all covert and junk.

So to get to the public access info go to our blog, our website, twitter, and Facebook!

Please leave some feedback here or via Twitter/Facebook.


Paying Members outside of my Country

03 August 2012 - 09:49 PM

As mentioned in the past two posts by me, I lead Broken Limits Media LLC (BLM). I have not promised employment, compensation, nor any payment to any of my members. They understand that as of right now BLM is a portfolio building group. We make games, we get our reputation out there, and we beef up our portfolio as a team.

My hopes are that we actually generate some revenue from our next project, which may actually be a contracted game. However, I have two members who live outside of my country, both in seperate countries. What do I do when/if it comes time to pay them their fair share? I assume I would convert the currency, but doesn't the fact that some contries are richer than others and some are not as wealthy make a difference in the amount of USD the other members are worth? It might be better rephrased: If a member of my team is in another country, how do I measure the value of their works in their currency vs if they worked for USD in America, and what/how do I pay them? Is that more complicated or less? =/

Example: "Ron" lives in "Norron," where he studies art and works for the American company, BLM. Ron's country does not have a ton of artists, so the value of skilled artists goes up. Right? Right... So when BLM pays an American employee $100 USD and Ron's work is worth $150 USD in his country, he gets angry. Is this scenario accurate, and should it be a concern for me, the business owner and the one who may have to pay more or less? Should I just pay everyone $X USD based on their performance by American standards, no matter where they live?

I feel like I can answer this a number of different ways, but I'm not 100% sure which one is the best and most ethical option.

Can my other company fund my game company?

03 August 2012 - 09:28 PM

This may sound like an obvious yes, but hold tight and hear my thoughts.

I own a home improvement company and I'm thinking about trying to fund my game developing company with earnings from it. Let me clarify even more. Xsealer Asphalt Maintenance LLC (XAM) is the home improvement company I own and operate. I generate a pleasing amount and the actual company is only a month old. Broken Limits Media LLC (BLM) is one full year old and we are almost finished with our first game. Therefore, BLM has no money.

I'm pretty sure it is perfectly fine to have one LLC (a legal entity) pay another for whatever agreeable reason(s), but is there a specific way I should do this for records, taxes, and/or other legalities?

Really. Can't I just give my own company the funds? Or is there some kind of loop hole that makes it wrong? I'm worried about taxes or some other financial inconsistency. Maybe I'm overthinking it way too much. I kind of feel like I am, but I had to ask.

Also, does it matter to have some kind of written contract between the two? This sounds crazy, as I own both companies. Again, just making sure. Whoever answers this legitimately, I would appreciate additional advice if you see a place for it in any way.