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Topics I've Started

Bossa Nova Theme - Feedback Please!

24 July 2013 - 10:37 AM

Hey Game-devians. I'm here with a theme for a project I am currently writing for.
The game itself is nestled in bossa nova, and I have been working on a character theme.
I would LOVE some constructive criticism on this piece.
It isn't finished (still have some things I want to add in), but I am concerned the most about the balance and mixing.
Mola Mola
Thanks for those willing to listen and leave comments!

Is it the Warrior, or their Weapon?

25 June 2013 - 10:46 AM

So, I have a question for the Dev. community.


As of recently, I have begun planning on updating my virtual studio. I've started feeling as though I am hindering myself as a composer because of my current set.


For example, I limit certain practices because I know that, based on my instruments, it wouldn't sound great, despite how it sounds compositionally.


In addition, I have noticed myself struggling with balancing certain pieces, and I am putting the blame on my instruments.


Then, I started to wonder if I was simply making excuses for myself.


As a composer, can the quality seriously diminish your skill?


I'm starting to believe that if I am a good digital composer, I should be able to make anything sound good.


Now I am wondering if it isn't what I am using, but more so my skill. Maybe I am lacking and haven't realized it til now.


Then again, I have been wondering if I am struggling because I have a particular sound in mind that I can't seem to acquire. The reason I can't acquire that sound in particular is because in reality, I won't acquire it based on my soundset.


For example:


I am currently working on an Afro-Cuban battle piece for a project.


No matter how I rearrange instrument positions, drop out certain textures, or change melodies/harmonies, everything sounds muddied, clustered, and pushed back.


Here are two versions (rough demos), that I am not at all content with (they are both roughly a minute in length): :/






I love the feel and drive of the piece, it's the presentation that kills me.


I blame it on the instruments, but I'm wondering if I simply haven't mastered (or come close to) the skill yet of balance.


I'd like to know if it is the latter so I can spend more time building and focusing on that particular skill rather than assuming it is the first, when that isn't the case. I don't want to create an illusion that once I get million dollar samples, all my pieces will sound great because it's not me, it's them.


Any help? Pointers? Comments?

Feedback on Track - Vocals Incorporated

04 June 2013 - 12:40 AM

Hey all! I seem to be asking for feedback a lot lately, but I'd like someone else's take on a track.


This is a theme for a viking space fleet that is featured in a current project I am a part of.


I was wondering how the vocals sounded with the mix to other ears.


Are any of the parts overbearing? Should I fix some of the other instruments?


Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks for those willing to listen.




Anyone with comments on the mix in general are more than welcome to leave a response also!

Feedback on a demo Track! Mixing/Balance

25 May 2013 - 09:50 AM

Hey all! I'm trying my hand at Drum and Bass. For this piece in particular, I was trying my hand at combining vocal percussion/effects with other electronic/acoustic percussion of sorts.


I'm steadily working on it, but I'm not exactly satisfied with the openness of my mix as it is currently. Perhaps someone would be willing to take a listen and offer some feedback?


On anything, really.


I'd greatly appreciate it!



A Different Way to Read - Good? Bad?

01 May 2013 - 03:59 PM

Hey all. I have a project that has been stirring in the back corners of my mind. After a long debate, and the culmination of what could be a decent storyline, I wanted to gain feedback on how plausible, and successful, my idea would be.


My project, in general, will be a combination of an e-book and a visual novel.


I want the game itself to be read as a book, but contain artwork in the background.


It sounds like a picture book, but I want it to be more than that.


I want the background to change depending on the section of the book, and what is going on.

I want the background to move during a particular section, or written description.

I would like for their to be small mini-games (that progress along with the story).


For example, in my story, the main character attends a festival that happens annually. During this portion of the story (when the character attends the festival), I would like for there to be a section in this electronic book of sorts for the player to play games, and encounter festival scenes that the main character would be experiencing at the time.


I don't want any of the bubbles, or dialogue boxes that you find in visual novels, but I want the visual aspect to be there.


I guess my question is, does anyone know of something like this being done (I feel as though nothing is ever TRULY original)? Would this be do-able? Would moving backgrounds be too distracting? Would elaborative artwork to back up written text be a little bit too much for a reader?


My  goal would be to make it available for Kindles, since those are touch screen, but I realize that kindles only allow you to ... well... read, and not do all this crap I'm talking about. But my goal would be for this type of book to end up on a device like the Kindle.


Once I get the story finished, I want to begin implementing this project. Honestly, aside from some proof readers, the only other people needed would be an artist and a programmer.


Any comments would be great. I truly want this idea to become a reality, and feedback from others would benefit me greatly.