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Developing Cross platform

19 November 2012 - 12:38 AM

I've decided to start working on a cross platform (windows/linux) game.. Too bad it's a total mind F*(&.. I've got a svn repository setup and now I'm getting everything else done, I want to use the SFML library, but this is where the problem comes in.. How do I deal with linking to the libraries from multiple platforms.. I wanted to use codeblocks (as it is cross platform) to develope so I could just use the same project file, but now it seams as if that may be implausable.. Do I need to use a makefile?? if so, would somthing as such as cmake be better? I only have used basic makefiles and personally I hate having to go to the extra effort which an ide does for you, which is why I'm dreading this.

easiest animation file format + flexible

22 July 2012 - 11:10 AM


I have been doing some research for the upcoming semester of uni. And I know that we will need animation, so I'm currently trying to way up easy implimentation over flexibility.

My current three choices are:

I know very little about this format, other than allot of people love it

I have done a little bit of experimenting with this. I love how easy it is to get it setup and running, although I am concerned that the closed end of the library might limit my ability to adapt the file format to work with physics interactions inside of my game. I understand that I could write my own phaser rather than use Autodesks, but that kinda defeats the purpose of using FBX, which is easiness.
my goal is to make the system highly facaded interface for any system to hook into, so thats another con of FBX

I have done a tiny bit of a look into this, this looks like the same deal in collada, but maybe a little bit more simple, but I am probably wrong.

My main concern is that this unit is known for it's intense work load, so if I choose a format which has too many features and thus take too long to impliment, sure, ill have a fancy animation setup, but I won't have a game. But if I choose something too easy, requirements of the engine which I didn't for see might cause jelly code to occur as I patch and stretch the abilities of the format.

The main things that I believe are essential are:
easy access to the mesh so I can grab individual triangles and do collision detection
control over the rendering, I would like to use a oct tree to free up GPU
ease of creation of file, as in, an exporter from popular 3D modeling software.

What would be good:
the ability to attach things to bones, i.e. to attach a gun to a hand.
animation which was not model specific, i.e. a walk sequence which can be used by all NPC's with the same bone system
animation blending, both blending animation presets + IK caused from physics interactions (second one more of a wish than a requirement)

===========================================read this if you don't have all day============================================================
So in summary, I need an animation file format which will add some sparkle and added feature to the game, but not one that will take too long to setup, maybe a tutorial as such as this which would speed up development. I am using Windows and GLUT (possibly will impliment DirectX through use of a facade, i.e. all md5/collada/fbx will call a draw triangle / what ever access they need to the rendering interface.

Thanks for reading, thanks for the help.

i realize that some of my wants are probably non related to the format, i.e. IK, that's probably done on my end

How fast should my A Star run?

21 May 2012 - 10:34 AM

Currently my A star can run 500 tests every second on this map:
is this good or bad?
if I lower the Heuristic weighing it takes about 1.5 -> 2 seconds, although due to the simplicity of the map I am making for my game I can afford a high Heuristic
Posted Image

ironing out crinkles in an A*

13 May 2012 - 09:41 AM

I recently made my own A* algorythm.. It works great with an exception that there are some weird mini paths on big grids...

% = wall

Posted Image

I'm kinda confident with my code, maybe this is a glitch in my execution.. but I don't know..
here's my code, feel free to use it if you want to, but as shown by this picture, atm it aint 100% functional


I ran some tests, here they are:


thanks, it's really boggling me
(btw, the file numbers on the test run print outs is the Heuristic multiplier (increases likely hood to go towards goal)
testb is the more important of the two as it is a mock up of the map I am using

like maybe is there some way I could crush the number of points so that it says,
start = 1,1
next = 10, 50
next = 70, 50
end = 90, 5

edit 2:
one solution I can think of is add another propert called divide amount..
this will split the original path up into x divide amounts, it will then go from start, to end of first divide, then start of first divide to end... until it gets to secondlast divide end to last divide end.. this would work as a stronger Heuristic would automatically make the path push towards the more correct direction, say in testb, if I split into two it would head up strait away instead of down, making it so that the most optimal directions don't all verge down causing the path to have to crinkcle over spots

this good or bad idea?

URGENT: how can I export texture: 3DS Max 2012

09 May 2012 - 02:03 AM

I am currently making a game as a part of an assignment, I exported my model to a .x, I then went to load it into a .X model viewer and there was no textures Posted Image
I looked through the many miles of info on the display, and aparently the .x wasn't specifying a texture (it was using default, black) I was wondering, how do I export a .dds (preferred format) or whats a better way than with pandasoft directx exporter to export .X models with textures..

Here's the troublesome model
http://speedy.sh/VMkc4/tree.zip (or just click the attachment)
I put in there the .max folder and the .x folder
the .max might not even have textures as I had to manually set the path of the textures on my system, if you hit render and it renders grey, you just need to set texture paths