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In Topic: being realistic

05 September 2012 - 07:59 AM

You can make anything if you have enought time and are brave enought, a single man made http://www.eternal-lands.com/, so yes, you can make big things with SDL, just don't forget that making a game is a long race, if you run too fast but get tired after first 5 minutes,... then better forget about it...

In Topic: Networking in SDL

12 August 2012 - 12:27 PM


SDL_NET is quite simple to use, at the end there are a pair of commands to send and receive data over the net after connecting to a socket server, the problem is you will probably need threads to process the network data without stoping main game thread, that is a little more difficult.

The point is: do you need to be able to connect 1 user / 100 users / 10000 users?

In Topic: Simple Client-Server Question

03 November 2011 - 01:15 PM


My idea to solve that:

1-All the players / clients are dumb terminals, so every thing is processed in the server
2-Every player movement /action is sent to the server to be processed, but it is also processed locally so you get an "instant" response to the input in the screen for the player
3-Clients try to predict other players actions and update them so, even if server is lagging we would have an "illusion" that they keep moving
4-Server updates clients with the real data every X ms so they really get synchronized.

Just an idea...

In Topic: (MM)O(RPG) database design

01 September 2011 - 01:08 AM

Looks like I've been trying to walk over the flames..

There is no simple solution for everything, if you are a programmer the "good" solution is the one that works to you, I told before I don't like MS Access, but guess what? I have used it many times and I still use it to store data for simple projects, not every project needs a true SQL database...

I have made just ONE project using a socket server, I used it to give support to a certain amount of users (300+), the users connected to the server that had a temporary memory structure to store the users connected but almost all the data was stored into a MS SQL server (user/passwords pairs, user info, logs, messages), it was only a MS Desktop Engine, but when it was filled with all the users it only used about 1% processor time from a single-socket Pentium 4...

I made the project in vb.net and I assure you it is not my "favourite" language, not at all, but hey!, is a tool that meet the needs of the project...

BTW: You have a project pretty advanced, I have seen the web and it looks good, you have applied the rule "divide a huge project into smaller parts, if they are still too big, divide again", it is a very good aproach making it easy to code, debug and well actually finish the project.

(I don't know if all this rambling would be useful for WIXNER)

In Topic: (MM)O(RPG) database design

31 August 2011 - 03:48 AM

I lied then ;)

There are many ways to achieve data redundancy, for me the best from all them is hardware RAIDs, SCSI, SAS, FDI all them are good, if your project becomes real big you need a cluster (cloud) of computers of course, then you have many ways to achieve this, with a big amount of cheap computers in a farm, with a super computer like an HP 9000, SUN Fire 15k and up with many processors and plenty of GBs RAM, but I Agree the best protection against real disasters is Tape backups , altought in my opinion NAS solution to make backup is an emergin way to provide backups, I have seen that in a few companyes , but it does not solve the "fire in the datadenter" problem....

Now there are two kinds of disasters that can strike in a project.

-Physical failure:If a disk fail, and you've got a raid 1 /5/6/10/50 whatever then no problem, same for PSUs, if you've got a cluster and a computer turns off ok no problem..
-Logical failure: those are the real BAD ones, what if a virus get into all your computers? what if you made an update that did what it was not suposed to do? what if you used a SQL DELETE FROM without the WHERE statement? you can f**k your database real good, and the worse is that you will f**k the database in all your RAID disks, your cluster nodes and basically anything redundant...

Ok, if MYSQL does not provide an automated way to make the backup you will loose data from the time there was the last backup, know what? I have been in many, many companies repairing servers, and nobody made more than a backup every day (at night), even goverment with a SUN FIRE 15K with 80 64-Bit Ultra sparc processors and a Hitachi cabin for data Storage.... sad but true...

Before anybody blames me, want to make a backup every our? every minute? it is ok!you wont loss date at all but performance will drop when doing it, that's why companyes make backups at night when nobody is working on the computers..