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In Topic: 3D object movement with mouse

07 March 2014 - 06:56 AM

What I generally do is use the camera forward vector as a ray.


Intersect this ray with the ground plane, and move the selected object to this point.


You can see this in action here ...


And if I want move Up or Down, I just change Plane position? Looks nice, now just need to get Plane smile.png

In Topic: Start game networking.How ?

20 November 2013 - 08:46 AM

Don't start with network, u will be doomed to not finish anything. First try make simple games. Tried to make some 2d games? Maybe try to do game for 2 players on one PC? 

All languages is good, because you just need to make game, not marry one of language and live with it. Try all, and look what is best to you ;) I tried networing with C++, and that was hard. Now made simple 2d movement over network with C# + xna + Lidgren.

And for end: game programming is hard. Don't try to make best mmorpg with alot fun stuff and so on. Make simple games, which you can finish easy. By taking big project, you doomed to fail. I know, i have gone this path... ;)

In Topic: DirectX 9 alternative way to draw image

25 September 2013 - 03:57 PM

This is indeed what is happening: ID3DXSprite::Begin sets the addressing mode to clamp. One could change this after Begin or use D3DXSPRITE_DONOTMODIFY_RENDERSTATE, but I don't recommend the latter since you would need to set all the necessary states for proper sprite rendering by hand now.

The culprit is elsewhere. Note that the rectangle parameter in ID3DXSprite::Draw is the source rectangle, i.e. you select a part from the texture. Set pSrcRect to NULL to select the whole texture.

If you want to scale (or arbitrarily transform) a sprite you need to use ID3DXSprite::SetTransform before calling Draw. Unfortunately it isn't as simple as telling a target rectangle.sad.png

If setting renderstate, then nothing is rendered to screen, so as you recommended, I won't change it.


Whole idea is that I could increase only one object width/height, while others will be as was. This is for my map builder, that could put objects and change their size and position, then save to xml. Yep, I could leave it now as it's, because for editing will be ok, but thinking about future :)


This one implemented, but it changes all images on screen, without changing real width/height. So... Thanks, now I have zooming/rotation functions :D

In Topic: DirectX 9 alternative way to draw image

25 September 2013 - 12:45 PM

Huh, I really thinked that added image :/ Ok, ading by dropbox https://www.dropbox.com/s/pn6920yar2o4kat/2013-09-25%2018_35_06-APPTITLE.png

As you see, it stretch only one side, not whole structure

In Topic: Open world 3D game without a specific game engine

20 September 2013 - 04:36 PM


Now, I know it's hard and takes time and the advice is not do it and I understand why. But, is that written in stone? I mean, there is really no reason not to do a 3D game without an existing game engine? Is the knowledge present for everyone willing to learn or you need to be really smart?



Why You want invent wheel again? If it's done - use it. Big companies spend a lot money to develop (hardware, ppl's too) for them self. But some of these engines are free or open source. So why bother to make your own engine? Yup, You will do it. Why? Game can't be without engine. You won't write whole render basics to every object different. You will make objects same (in parameters) that they could be used with same methods/functions, so if you this one method, you fix everything. That is engine! So please tell me, why you want create your own engine? Don't do mistake. Good game even with engine could take years, and without existing engine... even longer... ;) I would agree if you would be good game developer, which used alot engines and don't liked any of thems. So - create your own. Or find team and create. But now... For newbie... Just don't think that you could make job, which could be done only by big team ;)