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Race tracks - how do you represent them/create them?

15 November 2011 - 01:26 PM

A new game I am going to work on will be very fast and on a track. The question is, what is the best way to represent this track or create it? A spline system that enforces tangent coincidence at seams as the base that generates the track layout?

What have others done towards representing tracks? Do you use a scenegraph for this? If so, which type? BSp, Octree (this will be 3D so a quadtree might not be very viable), an Array of sequential track sections?

Opinions/help please!

Starting a new game, opinions please

30 August 2011 - 05:09 PM

So I am starting a new game. I have a license for C4 standard edition already from an earlier project. Early definition of my game has focused the idea that the game level is created on the fly as you fly/drive through it, generated some distance ahead of the player. C4 for instance appears heavily focused on pre-loading the game world. Also, I intend to have the player moving through the game world quite fast. Like Extreme G III 1000CC class fast or faster. I am confident that this is possible in C4.

Are there any other public engines I should be looking at? Should I consider altering C4? Should I consider writing my own engine with only the features aligned with what this game requires? I have a decent amount of experience in C++ and have written libraries for texture loading, linear algebra ( vector, matrix, quaternion) and collision testing. I know how to make ui's. I know how to and have built the components of an engine. The big issue here is, I would LIKE to get to the game play programming but I am unsure that there exists an engine with the flexibility to do dynamic world generation. I would very much like to leverage existing menuing/ui code to simply focus development time on producing the gameplay.

Any engine recommendations? I know people here frown on the idea of making your own engine. I do not suffer from the "kitchen sink" way of thinking (grew out of it) and very much embrace the KISS methodology. I have read articles describing when it is more useful to code your own engine (I can and will be using much of my existing code from earlier projects to piece the engine together) but would like your opinions without causing a huge argument. I for one do not enjoy re-inventing the wheel for the sake of just doing it (anymore).