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How a team for 2D JRPG should be formed

22 November 2012 - 09:50 AM

Hi everyone,

As title,i'd like a few adivice on how a team for making a simple 2D JRPG should be like.
I've already been into a game project (not jrpg) but it gone after 3 weeks because 2 concept artists,1 modeller and the former (modeller) were basically always inactive.One of them even reaplyed me to a mail after an half year when the project was totally abandoned...Posted Image
The only active one was the good guy story writer.

Anyway,(oh,i'm a programmer) i'm going to complete the engine (Map Editor,Scripted dialogue,GUI system,Script system,game entities and so on..) to have less work on the programming side when the project starts.So as soon it's complete,i'd like to use it for a small game.

I really want to start and finish a project because i want something done in my portfolio.
How a team for this kind of game should be formed? (I mean,how many people and in which role)
And how can i avoid to have all those inactive people like the last time?

Thanks in advance.Posted Image