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Journal Entries

Framework Philosophies > Moving from SVN to Git Part 1: Git-lfs

Posted 02 June 2015

For over eigth years SVN was the cornerstone of the software engineering department at the company I work and it helped us to develop high quality medical simulation software. However as our product portfolio and out team grew, SVN started to show some weaknesses when resolving conflicts, hotfixing old releases and switching branches. So we decided that n...

Framework Philosophies > Creating an interactive UI for viewing graphs: the code

Posted 13 February 2014

In a previous entry I wrote about my journey to find a suitable library for creating and interactive UI for viewing and modifying graphs which lead me to the Open Graph Drawing Framework to layout my graph for drawing with Qt. So here is the code for the prototype that I wrote:

Setting up
First we set up a simple graph consisting of a parent with six...

Framework Philosophies > Creating an interactive UI for viewing and editing graphs

Posted 04 February 2014

I am a visual oriented person, so when working with graphs, trees, state engines or basically anything that can be represented as a network, I like to have an visual representation of it. In the past I usually exported such structures to a .dot file and processed it with Graphviz to a JPG or PNG. However a more convenient way would be, to be able to view...

Framework Philosophies > Crunch and Refactor - Development Methodology

Posted 06 December 2012

Internal Quality is not negotiable

A quote by Martin Fowler (I think it's from Refactoring: improving the...