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In Topic: What's so fun about city builders?

11 August 2013 - 04:33 AM

Also aesthetics! I want to have nicely laid out streets and blocks of buildings ... not a big mash of structures in order to get all the necessities into the smallest space possible (An the only way it seems your citizens can access them is taking a shortcut through their neighbors backyard).

In Topic: What's so fun about city builders?

10 August 2013 - 07:43 PM

Well Anno 1602 and 1404 are some of my favourites, along with Caesar 2. I suppose I enjoyed in Anno that it had specific stages of development that gave you a sort of focus of your building ... you wanted an industry of ale and cloth first, than you wanted bricks, bread and beef ... each stage rewarded you with higher tax paying citizens.


Another draw of the Anno series was you could have several separate cities on the one map and trading with freetraders and "rival" cities was necessary to initially prosper (Once you where a midsized city you could often monopolize these industries ... although in the late game where you had metropolitan cities you had to start really on trade from others again as you couldn't cope with your citizens demands).


I enjoy easy initial progress, limited perhaps by limited resources but forgiving if you spend them, with the later game becoming more complex, maintaining resources and money grows importance ... I'd at least to have more than a ramshackle village and a few farms before the gods get angry with me for not building them a massive marble temple (looking at you Caesar 3!).

In Topic: Very Rough Idea - First Person Melee System

10 August 2013 - 02:15 PM

Yes I can't really argue that there is a reason first-person would be superior, very much why I decided that if it came to pass I'd also attempt to a third-person mode. Its very much just designer preference, I want to be able to look out at the world through the game characters eyes.


Just a thought, would a target-lock system like Zeno Clash be a good idea?

In Topic: The purpose of crew when you fly the ship?

03 July 2013 - 05:17 PM

Well I'll certainly take on board such things as the Navigators planetary scouting/drone control idea ... and perhaps Tacticians have the ability to call in orbital strikes or air support from your ship.


And yes, crew will be able to have skills in multiple areas, though they may need to unlock skills outside their expertise with training (or finding a Security crewmember who knows medical would be a bonus from the hiring pool ... have a good CV if you want to explore the galaxy?)

In Topic: The purpose of crew when you fly the ship?

02 July 2013 - 03:13 PM

Give more information.

- who owns the ship? (government - like StarTrek, self appointed saviour of the universe - Andromeda, private enterprenuer - Firefly, fugitives - Farscape)

- what is the purpose of the ship? (combat, exploration, trade)

- how many crew is on board (the structure of 1000 men Enterprise from StarTrek and less than 10 of Firefly is greatly different in function)?


Also, do you strive for realism? Note that StarTrek is a complete nonsense in term of any kind of crew management realism (sending a well trained unique space pilot capabe of operating this huge ship to an away mission where he could die by one random bullet is insane; you have a specialized batallion of space marines for this)



If we talk about a big ship the crew would be probably something like this:

- bridge staff (navigators, pilots, commanders)

- engineering (runining the power source of the ship, maintenance, repairs)

- space combat & security (tactical - and it should not be just one person like a tactical officer, artillery/torpedoe operators)

- freight and fighters (pilots of smaller ships docked on the mothership; to carry cargo/people around and to fight and for reconeisance)

- ground combat (space marines)

- crew reponsible for the main task of the ship (could be scientists, some geologists that go on away missions)

- civilian support staff (cooks, barbers, medical, administration, quartermaster, paymaster, etc)


Who owns the ship? Faltering Earth government wanting to expand to new planets, but in a very Kirk/Picard'ish manner as Captain you would be pretty independent (With chance of annoying Earth in the process).

Purpose, primarily exploration and finding colonization sights but with capabilities to undertake the other two (Trade and combat). Ships could be customized for certain roles. I imagine you start off in something scout/corvette sized and can work your way up as you establish Earth's presence in the galaxy.

I imagine the crew to range from 2 to 40, no more than 100, more in the sense that I didn't want all this crew management to become to unbearable.


As for the realism aspect of away missions, nope ... because a large part of the appeal of this idea is that you get to explore planets and such in person. I would probably have it so you could send independent away teams down to do their own thing, but having the option to go yourself is big sell I think.