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#5280131 How to give Sense of Progression in a procedural generated game?

Posted by All Names Taken on 08 March 2016 - 02:30 AM

Some enjoy the trial and error of procedural games 'is this area safe? is it dangerous? I'll just have to go in and find out' and next time they will know that say, a cave is a place thats to dangerous for a novice, and a castle needs them to really build up their strength, but these locations hold what progresses them in the game/story?


Plus many top down games still have the vertical element, like old Roguelikes would have stairs up and down and the higher or deeper you got the harder things got, this would mean having your world generate some areas in different levels though (This could also provide a nice divide of difficulty and hence progress).

#5279784 [Spaceship Builder] The complexity of internal logistics

Posted by All Names Taken on 06 March 2016 - 01:10 AM

I suppose primarily its two mindsets of play. A few (probably the lesser) are highly inclined to design and function, while I expect most are inclined to simplicity and quick learning.


Simple - Pros



Easier to Learn


Complex - Pros

Strategic Design

Possible extension to destructibility, placement of conduits will determine the effects of damage 'cutting' off certain resources to parts of the ship


Simple - Cons

... pass?


Complex - Cons

Possibly frustrating to new players

Time consuming

Requires more complex programming if the above damage system was implemented


Possible Compromise?

Some kind of auto-generation systems that generates the connections for you, but a player could choose to do this manually if they preferred ... at the expense of being even more complex to implement than either of the above I imagine.

#5277529 Combat and units in modern empire builder

Posted by All Names Taken on 22 February 2016 - 09:17 PM

Recon could be an alternative to Light Mech.


And to throw in some ideas for ships.

Fast Attack Craft - Light sea recon

Corvette - Anti-Aircraft/Missile

Frigate - Anti-Submarine

Destroyer - Naval engagements

Cruiser - Siege type

Carrier - Specialized utility

Attack Submarine - Stealth anti-ship, no land/city attack.

Ballistic Submarine - Stealth siege.

#5084885 What's so fun about city builders?

Posted by All Names Taken on 11 August 2013 - 04:33 AM

Also aesthetics! I want to have nicely laid out streets and blocks of buildings ... not a big mash of structures in order to get all the necessities into the smallest space possible (An the only way it seems your citizens can access them is taking a shortcut through their neighbors backyard).

#5084835 What's so fun about city builders?

Posted by All Names Taken on 10 August 2013 - 07:43 PM

Well Anno 1602 and 1404 are some of my favourites, along with Caesar 2. I suppose I enjoyed in Anno that it had specific stages of development that gave you a sort of focus of your building ... you wanted an industry of ale and cloth first, than you wanted bricks, bread and beef ... each stage rewarded you with higher tax paying citizens.


Another draw of the Anno series was you could have several separate cities on the one map and trading with freetraders and "rival" cities was necessary to initially prosper (Once you where a midsized city you could often monopolize these industries ... although in the late game where you had metropolitan cities you had to start really on trade from others again as you couldn't cope with your citizens demands).


I enjoy easy initial progress, limited perhaps by limited resources but forgiving if you spend them, with the later game becoming more complex, maintaining resources and money grows importance ... I'd at least to have more than a ramshackle village and a few farms before the gods get angry with me for not building them a massive marble temple (looking at you Caesar 3!).

#5084655 Very Rough Idea - First Person Melee System

Posted by All Names Taken on 10 August 2013 - 03:47 AM

Returning to an old game idea, I've been considering the controls for first-person close combat, which is always rather tricky (as there are elements it can't capture that 3rd person can). Although there maybe a 3rd person view as well.


I suppose I'm aiming for a "simple" yet "diverse" system ... yeah I know, those two don't necessarily mesh, but here are my thoughts.


WASD movement, mouse-look as per standard FPS.


M1 clicked performs a light attack.

M1 clicked repeatedly leads into a combo, initially a combo will be two to three moves but as you improve skill (RPG-wise) you unlock further moves to the combo chain.

M1 held down draws weapon back ready for a heavy attack.

M2 held down blocks with either a weapon or a shield.

M2 clicked at the right time will perform a parry that may have benefits liking leaving the opponent open to a powerful attack.


Some other maneuvers either possessed or learned throughout the game.

Running forward + Attacking equals a special dashing/charging attack.

Crouching + Attacking performs a sort of leg sweeping attack.

Jumping + Attacking will cause a variant of a normal attack, usually to strike from above (oddly enough)

Run + Jump + Attack for a leaping extra powerful attack.

Crouch + Attack after jumping or falling for a plunging attack.


And possibly run ... than crouch + attack for a low sliding attack? Crouch than jump + attack equals a rising attack? In a way its kind of fighter game-like, or rather I looked at old-style beat-em ups like Golden Axe and Streets of Rage that allowed you to perform a number of moves on a few buttons and where usually much simpler than complex Street Fighter specials.


There will also possibly be elements like dodging (always wondered how to do 'rolling/tumbling' in first person) possibly with a double tap of the appropriate WASD key.


There are also special attacks binded to a hotkey that can be learned ... from simple stuff like 'Kick' to 'Whirling Blade' (whirling around in first person?).


Does this seem like a reasonable approach? Any problems? suggestions?

#5074648 The purpose of crew when you fly the ship?

Posted by All Names Taken on 01 July 2013 - 11:12 PM

The does give me ideas for 'specialist'/'guest star' crewmembers actually SuperG


Counselors: To keep up morale.

Chef/Cook/Steward: As mentioned above, possibly requests occasional rare alien ingredients as a sort of side mission.

Merchant/Negotiator: Gives bonuses to haggling/trading, gives system info on desired trade goods.

Smuggler: A rather uncouth option that grants access to black-market and piracy channels.

Chaplain: Priest who follows a (made-up) alien religion prominent in the universe.

Mercenary: Security for hire, possibly tougher/better at what they do (but worse at other stuff).

#5074564 The purpose of crew when you fly the ship?

Posted by All Names Taken on 01 July 2013 - 03:56 PM

Been distracted by space-sims and elite-likes of late, so if you guys would humour some ideas?


Taking into account a few requests on space-sims, the main one for this post is having a fully crewed ship ala Star Trek (or even Firefly) and a small side one is missions on foot, planetside, boarding actions, etc (to tie it in nicely with the crew, think Away-Missions).


In most space sims you have the majority if not complete control over the ship your piloting, and I can see taking away a large portion of this control and handing it over to AI crew might lead more to frustration and annoyance. So my thoughts where based around how else having an able crew would benefit you in flying your ship.


In the end I decided that crew would have abilities in up to 3 areas.


Flight Support: Rather than taking over control they can enhance certain aspects to make life even easier for the captain (you).


Independent Tasks: When left to their own devices with enough resources will go about doing useful things on the side that don't directly bump noses with flying the ship.


Away Team Role: In the vain of Star Trek, you select members of your crew to accompany you on missions on the ground, forming squad under your command. So I imagined there needs to be reasons to choose different crew members with different roles.


As such, crew come in a number of traditional classes and roles, each I wanted to give some of the above to (But some admittedly may miss out in areas such as flight support or away team role). I pictured crew gaining experience and 'levels/ranks' and becoming more efficient in their roles as well. So I was hoping you guys could help me out with ideas on abilities in these ability categories, as well as suggestions for other important crew I may have missed.




Navigator: Your expert on traveling through space.

  • Flight Support: Perhaps maps out nearby star systems for you to jump to, the higher the rank the further out systems are mapped. Can be assigned to setting up routes and way points? Can find shortcuts and maybe necessary for traversing the likes of wormholes? Reduce the amount of fuel/energy it takes to FTL around?
  • Independent Tasks: No idea really, can be given over control of the ship as a sort of superior autopilot?
  • Away Team Role: Again no idea ...

Tactician: Experts on capital ship combat (cap-ships being the kind of ships you would captain).

  • Flight Support: Can be assigned to take over fire controls, perhaps you can distribute some weapons between yourself and your tactician, so he can concentrate on aiming turrets on fighters and such. With higher rank will be able to identify weak points on enemy ships for you. Gives you faster missile locks and such. And can perform alittle move I call 'shield blocking', if you remember the likes of X-Wing/Tie Fighter or Wing Commander you could redirect the power of your shields - forward, back, left, right etc, the shield block has the tactician quickly redirect power to take on incoming fire while your busy doing other things.
  • Independent Tasks: Not sure, afraid I'm not giving any examples of what I mean here yet.
  • Away Team Role: Again, not sure.

Engineer: "I can not do'et captin, she needs more power!" This one is abit more fleshed out in its three roles.

  • Flight Support: Mainly need to be assigned to what I'm calling 'Engineering Bays' where they will act to repair damage done to the ship. At higher ranks they repair faster and can come up with ship overhauls/overclocks? Like getting more boost out of the shields, guns, engines.
  • Independent Tasks: Finally an example, on your ship you can create 'workshops' and assign engineers to them, where they will manufacture new equipment and upgrades from resources gathered (Sort of like X-Com's bases with their workshops).
  • Away Team Role: The engineer will be a support role on the ground, able to repair equipment (vehicles?) and possibly construct certain buildings (monitoring posts, outposts, auto-turrets?).

Scientist: So as one performs away missions and collects 'data' and explores anomalies in space the scientist takes that info and creates new toys and technology for you.

  • Flight Support: The opposite to the others so far, I have little idea what the scientist does to help you midflight. I considered having them give occasional advice when encountering new planets or spacial anomalies "It would be unwise to fly into that supernova Captain".
  • Independent Tasks: Very much like the engineer, I picture part of the game is collecting research materials and artifacts on away missions, your scientist sits around trying to unlock the mysteries and will eventually give you a new technology that your engineers can often manufacture something from (Again, your ship is kind of like an X-Com base in my idea).
  • Away Team Role: Not entirely sure, I imagine they could detect and identify research materials and artifacts you encounter on the ground letting you collect the more valuable items "No Captain that is not an alien death-ray ... its a spoon, made in china it says". Possibly they can also give advice on dangerous environments and lifeforms as you explore, or simply taking them along increases their research output.

Physician: The one who puts the rest of your crew back together after something tries to burst out of their chest. Doctors who provide medical assistance to the rest of the crew.

  • Flight Support: No idea, apart from administering to injured crew in battles and such.
  • Independent Tasks: Will typically work in the sick bay healing up the crew, possibly battling any dangerous alien viruses you may pick up along the way. A side idea was that they could at later ranks do stuff like cybernetics and such.
  • Away Team Role: Easily enough the physician is your team medic while on away missions.

Security: Typically big tough bruisers who are the first to get a hold of the ray guns and kick some ass. Your soldiers and such.

  • Flight Support: Again, no idea what they would do for you while you fly around space. I suppose defending the ship from boarding actions (if those where to be implemented) or performing boarding actions.
  • Independent Tasks: Again not sure, I considered having them 'police' your crew to perhaps keep they from getting up to mischief and mutiny.
  • Away Team Role: I imagine you would always take some security along, equipped with weapons and armour to protect you and any others from any dangers, and on the occasion when you are leading a military style operation on a planet.

Comms?: A role I was unsure of including, communications officer who deals with ... well communications.

  • Flight Support: When I thought on it I decided that they could possibly be a sort translator/diplomat when you contact other vessels or aliens, a higher ranked comms will give you much more diplomatic and persuasive conversation options when dealing with them, or know exactly the best way to threaten a Graqf into surrendering. Possibly they would also need time to translate alien languages before you could communicate with them (higher ranks would translate faster).
  • Independent Tasks: Eavesdropping and spying on transmissions between other ships and letting the captain know about that secret attack on Planet Z, possibly this lets you pick up extra 'missions' without having to poke around so many space bars.
  • Away Team Role: Again, no idea.



Pilots: If any one has played Battlecruiser Millennium you had a number of smaller fighters and shuttles aboard your ship, basically pilots would fly these. Since these aren't part of what I consider the 'main' crew I didn't think they needed a role beyond that.


Steward/Cook?: The only other one that came to mind, would I suppose improve crew morale depending on their rank?


Thats all I have for now, any thoughts/suggestions?

#5061947 Pixel art for my RPG game

Posted by All Names Taken on 14 May 2013 - 07:31 PM

I think I'd like to see the chins alittle less square and more rounded, and the right arms (well, on our left) stretch out from the bodies abit to far (Also the 1 pixel width part of the dagger I think will look abit odd like the blade is 'hovering' when made to a smaller scale). Other than that they are quite good and simple for the style.


I think the main thing to keep in mind with class trees is to try and make each path a viable option, in similar games players get frustrated if they spend 50 levels working towards Paladin only to find out Paladin is inferior to Spellsword. The obvious conundrum is you also want to make each path different enough to each other to have players want to try new combinations each game.

#5061247 What an emperor of a space empire does?

Posted by All Names Taken on 12 May 2013 - 04:42 AM

Coordinate a network of spies? Tell your military where to go and who to conquer? Maybe you could do a Medieval style system of power, marry off your sons and daughters to form political alliances type of thing. Hobnob with diplomats of foreign/alien powers? Shoot lightning at people?

#5056833 Planet Colony - Resources & Commodities?

Posted by All Names Taken on 25 April 2013 - 11:29 PM

I hadn't thought of that ... and although maybe not as complex as you are suggesting, event based trade options would be neat ... possibly with the option to plant agents on other worlds/rival colonies to get the dirt on them.


I may disappoint but I wasn't planning on going with alien races (just alien animals and such) at least not to begin with, I thought I'd resign that to possible future expansion. There is an alien presence in the form of the aforementioned relics as well as archeological artifacts which are the long forgotten debris of ancient alien technology that will act as a source of conflict and competition as they can unlock powerful research options (such as shields, anti-gravity, teleportation, deathrays, etc, etc), 

#5056516 Planet Colony - Resources & Commodities?

Posted by All Names Taken on 24 April 2013 - 06:44 PM

So as alittle side idea I was roughing out my thoughts on a game about establishing productive colonies on different planets. A mix of Outpost/Fragile Allegiance with the likes of such things as Anno, Tropico, Patrician and Industry Giant.


In a way I saw it as the opposite to elite, rather than being the spaceship that buys X at one planet and sells to another your the actual planet trying to establish a viable trade system for your corporate overlords (and I thought of elements like you can buy ships and send them off to other planets to buy or sell, but much less directly controlled).


So I was trying to think different resources and commodities that could be produced on varying planets and was wondering if you guys had any ideas?


These are some of my ideas so far.


Building Goods

Alloy - Generic metal stuff.

Polymer - All purpose material made from just about anything broken down and remade into polymers.

Energy - From power plants.

Equipment? - Maybe something like Anno's tools? Or maybe it will just be a luxury good.


Life Support Goods





Luxury Goods









Robot Servants?


Nanite Thingies?


Industrial Goods

Space Fuel?




Illegal Goods


Exotic Lifeforms

Alien Relics




What else could I do and how might they be produced?

#5041239 What would you make armour out of?

Posted by All Names Taken on 09 March 2013 - 01:30 PM



This was leather armour with sewn in metal plates (or some armour expert can correct me).




Demon? (Maybe you have an actual demon skinned into a sort of armour, with still gnashing snarling teeth and whatnot + snarky commentary if thats your cup of tea).

#5015379 MMORPG Theory Discussion - Level Discrepency/Griefing?

Posted by All Names Taken on 29 December 2012 - 03:45 AM

The other topic that comes to mind that can dampen fun is PVP


For that statement, I feel you should be reminded that for some people it can dampen the fun; for others, it is literally the only reason the buy/install the game.


Well as I mentioned it can be a dampening also if it is omitted due to its weaknesses ... unless your saying for some the draw is to grief, in which case I personally would have say they aren't the ones I want in my playerbase anyway. I was more thinking of how to have a system of PVP that rewards fun challenging combat between players and punishing abusive behavior.


AltarofScience: As far as competition I see your point, I've never really liked the idea of fanatical hardcore competition and rather versus situations between players is aimed more towards fun, although I know by its very nature some competition is always going to arise.

#5014949 MMORPG Theory Discussion - Level Discrepency/Griefing?

Posted by All Names Taken on 27 December 2012 - 08:22 PM

Not for any planned game as of yet, but I've been hitting up a few MMORPG's recently including my first, Everquest as well as reading various posts here on MMO design.


One of the main draws of an RPG I believe is a sense of reward and progress ... doing what the game wants you to do rewards you with some form of 'experience points' which make your character stronger, tougher. As well as earning money to buy new and better equipment (or being rewarded with equipment itself). Part of this reward is being able to venture further afield and fight deadly monsters.


Personally I feel this falls down when you bring the 'MMO' part to the party. Friends can out level you and you wont be able to play with them in the newest dungeon because your to weak ... or on the flipside your waiting for your friends to progress to join you. Than there is the idea of PVP, the more powerful player can run around ganking weaker ones with little threat from them.


So I suppose what I'm looking for is a 'Have your cake and eat it to' solution. Is there a form of progression that keeps players at least on an even footing while stilling letting them feel like they are progressing? So at level 5 you can play with your level 15 buddy and both have a fun and exciting time without certain threat of death due to being low level. Or that ten or so level 1's CAN fight off a level 30 player.


The other topic that comes to mind that can dampen fun is PVP ... either you have it and a few ruin it for everyone because all they do is gank the helpless singing trololololo all the way or PVP is removed because of this leaving those who legitimately want to have proper battles with other players out to dry. So wondered if there was a middle ground, fighting territorial battles for power and glory is promoted while "pwning n00b3" who are happily making elf cookies is punished?


I guess this is a very old horse of a topic, but I wanted to see what people thought these days on it? Can you have open world game, PVP, mechanically rewarding RPG gameplay and level player footing? Or is this the unreachable dream?