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[D3D12] Copying descriptors

08 August 2015 - 04:04 PM

In the MSDN reference it says that you can copy descriptors on a command list, but the only copy commands that I can find are on the device interface.

Is that part wrong, or did I misunderstand something?


Descriptors can also record a descriptor copy call on a command list in the event that the application does not want the copy to occur immediately, but rather when the GPU is executing the command list. This can also be useful if an application chooses to put a descriptor heap in a non CPU-visible memory pool and therefore needs to do a GPU operation to manipulate its contents, or if an application simply wants the update to occur on the GPU time-line. Command list descriptor copies require the source of the copy to be in a non shader visible descriptor heap (from which the command list snapshots a copy the source descriptors into the command list at record time), and the destination must be a shader visible descriptor heap (which at command list execution gets written to by the GPU). The API reference for copying descriptors goes into more detail.


Porting Havok to PhysX: capsules

15 April 2013 - 12:58 PM

Edit: nevermind, stupid question.

SetClipPlane weirdness

23 August 2012 - 07:44 PM

I'm developing a game, and I use user clip planes to render water reflections. Normally the code runs fine, but randomly it fails to work (no clipping at all). The calls to SetClipPlane and SetRenderState(D3DRS_CLIPPLANEENABLE, D3DCLIPPLANE0) succeed, GetClipPlane and GetRenderState report that the clip plane is active and has the correct values... but it just doesn't clip anything.
This happens to me and 2 other users (all 3 with an AMD graphics card) - is there an issue with how it's implemented in the AMD driver? Is there a hack that I have to use to make it work (I have already tried this, to no avail)?

I'm not sure if it's relevant, but SetClipPlane doesn't seem to work with the reference rasterizer. Ever.
And yes, I am aware that I can achieve the same result with texkill/clip in the Pixel Shader, but the thread is not about that. Posted Image

Thanks in advance.

Propagating D3DXMATRIX rotation

08 September 2011 - 05:51 PM

I have a function that looks like this:
void Entity::OnRotate(D3DXMATRIX *prevRot, D3DXMATRIX *curRot)
and gets called when an entity is rotated. The first parameter is the rotation matrix before the rotation, the second one is the matrix after the rotation.
Supposing I have several entities "attached" to this entity, and I want them to rotate together with it, what is a good way to apply he same rotation to them? It'd be a hell of a lot simpler if I received the actual rotation performed as a parameter, but unfortunately I can't change the API.
Is there a D3D function that can help me or I have to use custom calculations?

Thanks in advance