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Topics I've Started

Diablo 3 representing the future of Anti- piracy?

27 May 2012 - 11:35 PM

Inspite of the annoying server problems of diablo 3, It has been turning out to be a good news as diablo 3 is going to be the future of Anti - piracy and it makes everyone buy the game.

I read this article last night
And everyone believe that they are going to be following blizzard's routine of solving problems with piracy,

This is good, for us programmers as we give our hearts in making games and people crack it easily, I wonder much and just hope this is future of gaming

Viewing page: 404 - Page not found.

21 May 2012 - 10:17 PM

Yes, i just finished replying to a topic and when i tried to click my profile i saw this

Posted Image

Is that supposed to be a bug or somewhat, I had two GDnet pages, one was community index and other was on some topic. Even when i tried to hover over other profiles i saw some profiles with this bug.


Collision Detection

17 March 2012 - 11:04 AM

Well, Iv'e been trying to implement collision detection to a ball and a plane surface, supposely a rectangle.
Theres a lot of rectangles, I store them in a vector.
By far, i havent been impressed by the collision detection, Any help if im doing it wrong?

//This is how i store a vector of rectangles;
static std::vector<std::vector<Bricks> > Level(sizeof(map)/sizeof(*map), std::vector<Bricks>(sizeof(map)/sizeof(*map)));

//Collision detection
bool Brick::Collide( float x, float y, float r )
    float X, Y;
    for( size_t xSize = 0; xSize < Level.size(); xSize++ )
        for( size_t ySize = 0; ySize < Level[xSize].size(); ySize++ )
                if( x < Level[xSize][ySize].x )
                    X = Level[xSize][ySize].x;
                else if( x > Level[xSize][ySize].x + Level[xSize][ySize].w )
                    X = Level[xSize][ySize].x + Level[xSize][ySize].w;
                    X = x;
                if( y < Level[xSize][ySize].y )
                    Y = Level[xSize][ySize].y;
                else if( y > Level[xSize][ySize].y + Level[xSize][ySize].h )
                    Y = Level[xSize][ySize].y + Level[xSize][ySize].h;
                    Y = y;
                if( sqrt( pow((long double)X-x, 2)+pow((long double)Y-y, 2)) < r )
                    return true;
    return false;

Can anyone help me out, To do a almost-perfect collision detection.
Also, How do i implement collision for the sides of the rectangles, Since the ball is a moving object, when the ball hits the sides, It goes crazy, like zigzag or something.

Portal 3?

15 March 2012 - 06:17 AM

So, I just finished playing Portal 2 for the second time, Gotta love that game.
I was wondering if there would be a sequel.
Wheatley is in space, Glados kicked us out, But i guess valve will have a exhaust reason to bring another sequel that Wheatley is in space..\
I dont want Portal 2 to end like half-life :'(
What do you guys think?

Particle Engine

04 March 2012 - 09:34 PM

Hey guys!
I have been wondering, which is the best method for creating a particle system.
Structs or vector containers?
Im just curious because i tried both of them and on a test, My particle engine using structs can render 100000 particles per second, But when i get down to Vectors and iterate over every single particles i could not go over 5000 particles..
I have an Core- i5 processor and using vectors is taking much of my CPU usage.
Anybody ever tried a vector container for particle engines?

	 float x;
	 float y;

//Either using a for loop to access them or vector containter and iterate over them..


EDIT:: Sorry if i am at the wrong forum. Move it if so.