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Destructible planetary size terrain : SVO, MC or DC extraction, both ?

27 May 2012 - 04:29 AM

Sorry to raise one more time this kind of question.

Gamedev.net is sometimes Santa Claus so lets believe in him and ask for big BIG XMas presents ?

Noise multi-octave function = OK -> Ray marching it is expensive + applying, storing destruction over an implicit function look like a nightmare.

So, storing the 3D noise scalar field inside a SVO to stream/page it from disk ? OK, but which node structure is suitable for destroying it ?

How to shatter the SVO volume and apply physics on shards, shattering again and again upon gravity collision until shards reach the size of a single voxel ?

Physics over such amount of voxels is obviously too expensive. So should I polygonize with a MC function, blocks of voxels in the shattered area and rasterize triangles out of those blocks rather than try to DVR a whole "dynamic" SVO ?

Atomontage answered me that he don't polygonize at all his atoms... How is he doing physics on a that huge amount of voxels ?!

Help ! Help ! Help ! Thanks ! Thanks ! Thanks !