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In Topic: AI Bots- Why are they hardly used anymore?

28 April 2013 - 12:17 PM

Its isn't a solid fact I will admit, however even if there is only one isp (like around here) they have different plans you can buy. More money = faster internet. And yes I will agree that other things like having to share your internet with family will slow it down, and yeah youtube for sure because it works like a torrent program and attempts to give you the highest quality video your internet can handle unless you tell it not to. But no matter how many odd flaws you find in my statement, in a world ruled by money and the bottom line (like earth) large game makers devote their resources to the things they feel will appeal most to the people who pay for the game.

Its a sad but true reality, but I think as long as these technical and economic barriers exist, there will always be room for playing solo (Bioshock Infinite) or online (Battlefield 3 and 4).

Still, AI bots would be very cool to have in our multiplayer games.

In Topic: AI Bots- Why are they hardly used anymore?

27 April 2013 - 08:28 AM

The fps project blackout has a bot mode, as well as combat arms and I think crossfire has a mode. But its co-op only- you can't team up with the bots. However I agree i do find it annoying to not have bots to train on so you can get used to the rotation speed in the game and such. I would imagine part of the split screen disapearing is because game makers wanted to make games look stunning, and thus didn't make it so it could render with 4 cameras,

Yeah same thing with Mass effect 3's multiplayer. But I actually like Co-op play, especially couch co-op. good times on Halo 1 you know.

In Topic: AI Bots- Why are they hardly used anymore?

27 April 2013 - 08:25 AM

If your internet isn't very good now a days odds are your not buying games either, or paying for memberships. So there isn't a point to catering to them because they don't have as much spare money to spend on video games.

I see what you are saying but Its not always that case for the general population. While we do have internet access, it goes on and off just like that. It happens sometimes in wi fi hotspots as well. We do have enough money to buy games and pay for internet but technology itself is imperfect (ie: Simcity's and Diablo 3's Launch as well as internet going on and off in general). Sadly, the U.S dosen't have the best infanstructure in the world; rural areas may not have the best internet infanstructure.

Besides, you will never know if a hurricane or a tornado destroys your internet acess. I remember while I was vacationing in long island, a storm hit the area and disrupted the internet. Random stuff happens you know and we deal with it.

Despite the tech issues, I did find a way aound it. I recieved a ipad as a surprise gift and it can play multiplayer games. I take it with me to college campus and use the Internet there to play multiplayer. I am paying for it's internet via my tuition so it makes more sense for me to play multiplayer over there than at home. There internet connection is way better than ours

In Topic: AI Bots- Why are they hardly used anymore?

26 April 2013 - 05:44 PM

It's because "everone" has a decent internet connection now. Bots are not really needed anymore (sure there are exceptions, but these are, well, "exceptions" biggrin.png).


I don't know about that. There seems to be conflicting articles about people having internet.


Here is an article that supports you claim:



And here is an article that says otherwise:



Plus, you here people complaining about the rumored always online DMR on the next Xbox console, which suggests that people still don't have the internet capabilities of say.. South Korea. It's pretty ironic though, with multiplayer and social media being very popular these days, you think people would not have a problem with an always online function.


Disclaimer: I am one of those people who do not have high speed internet on 24/7 but do my online stuff on wi-fi hotspots. Due to these two conflicting reports, I cannot tell if I am in the minority or not.

In Topic: AI Bots- Why are they hardly used anymore?

26 April 2013 - 02:20 PM

I'm surprised nobody said that one reason why major FPS games don't include AI bots anymore could be to encourage people to get on-line (and since these days everything goes through their servers for the purpose of matchmaking, it can double as some sort of DRM).
Also probably because making a good AI bot takes effort and there aren't enough resources within the budgets to allow it (they'd rather push more budget on real multiplayer than on AI bots).

Hmm, good point, Guess importing the AI from single player campaigns to multiplayer bots isn't good enough...