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In Topic: FFMPEG and Windows messages causing OpenAL to stop

12 October 2014 - 03:22 PM

Ok seems like I solved it myself. Have to restart the audio if its playing when its updating the stream. I did actually do it earlier but the audio was stuttering (might have had a trace there thinking about it now).

Was going to run all the audio in a thread since pre processed audio will still play when the screen is moved which could offset things so want all audio to run during the window move or resize event.

In Topic: Signed Distance Field issues

29 March 2014 - 08:14 PM

Solved the issue with the field not looking correct as I loaded the texture with the GL_NEAREST parameters which does not work with the signed distance method.

Still need to solve the dead reckoning method as I would like to have a internal converter rather than having to load a pre made signed distance field in.

In Topic: Open Source Scene Graph

20 January 2014 - 09:56 AM

By linked in a hierarchical fashion I mean as a binary tree but where a child can only contain one parent this way any attribute of the parent node can cascade down to the child nodes.


In your case where you would require the need of a object to be linked to another object through the animation tree you would not include the animation tree into the scene graph but have a node which has a reference to the animation along with the model, any textures, special shaders and any other requirements which may effect child nodes. To create the grip object you would have the ability to reference a bone in the animation tree and then set a attribute to it, then any other object you create which has the grab attribute set to it. Once the object are running all you would have to do is set the grab object as the child of the grip object and if you have written the behavior to link the two together the two should lock together in the correct place.

I believe this is what L. Sprio was getting at with the scene graph being used to assist in situations where you need cascading data (though I could be miss interpreting what he/she said).

In Topic: Open Source Scene Graph

19 January 2014 - 07:22 AM

From a core level it would work as a set of rules with what should and shouldn't be included into the scene graph but I still don't think it would be able to cater to every need if implemented in a fix fashion. Take for example nVida's SceniX which has a strong focus towards shader management in its scene graph I don't think their implementation would work for every situation.

The proposed project though in theory should avoid this though as in the end what should be available is a 3D editor where objects can be placed and linked in a hierarchical fashion with attribute being related. Once complete you just export it as an XML or some other structured file format and load it into the specified engine (as long as some serializer is written for the file) where it chooses what to do with the information.

I may be wrong though this is all part of the study; its interesting how scene graph gets interpreted by everyone.

In Topic: Open Source Scene Graph

18 January 2014 - 06:52 AM

But "in a scene" I want to see an open world without load screens, an appropriate number of NPCs with, of course, believable AI and AE, freedom to steer my avatar, equipping with / utilizing items laying around, investigating puzzles, and good (i.e. not a simple Q&A and a non-repetitive) conversation. This is because I'm mostly a fan of the RPG genre.

This is what I would expect to be expressed in your version of the 'scene graph' there may be more items happening behind the scene but from my personal stand point the scene graph should be capable of representing anything that you need to visually see in the scene during development.

But I completely agree with all your points. The major problem is that I have come to this conclusion before writing the application which is a slight requirement to my dissertation.