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In Topic: [Android - 2D] How to work with different screen sizes

03 October 2011 - 08:30 AM

I do recall, reading that android sdk will scale everything to fit to the screen though. ie, if what you're rendering takes up 1024x768, but your phone only does 720x320. It will stretch/squish the screen to fit the smaller size. So you could pick your target size, ie you could say I want to target the droid 2, and do everything at it's size.

Yeah thats true, but the problem its about ratio. If i work agaisnt Nexus One, which has aspect ratio 1.333 (i think its was), but then i run my game on a Cell phone with (no matter resolution) aspect ratio 1.5, the view will fit into the screen but out of proportion.

... then stretch/squish that to fit the actual size of the screen, adjusting for different ratios.

Thats what i dont know how to work with. Do i have to convert all my coordinates/sizes? but when? when the user just define the object? in render time? apply opengl glScale?

Thank you for your answer :)

In Topic: How to work with vertex correctly

21 September 2011 - 03:46 PM

All of this is for Android development. What about collisions between objects? or if i touch screen to interact? Maybe i just need to save them (vertex modifications) in some particular situations?