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In Topic: Where to take this from here?

26 January 2015 - 11:42 AM

I'm honestly not clear on the aim of the game: is there a scoring zone? Is there a way to miss a return and get blown up? How does one gain score, or win, or lose?
(Forgive me if I missed some demonstration of this in the video--I think that I was somewhat tired when I watched it. ^^; )
However, two ideas do come to mind anyway:
1) Different "characters", each with their own traits (speed, return-volley strength, etc.), and perhaps some sort of "special ability" (split the rocket into two for one volley, or teleport, etc.).
2) Various game-modes, each with their own scoring mechanisms; the two possibilities mentioned above might be examples: deathmatch, in which missing a return results in being blown up, and "soccer", in which there's a scoring zone into which one is expected to direct the rocket.

Sorry, it might not be super clear from the video. Basically, those things rotating the players are hearts, and when you get hit then 1 heart goes away.

Soccer actually seems to be a great idea with this kind of game, thanks a lot for that suggestion I'll definitely implement it once I get some time.

I also thought about different characters, but not sure what each one should feature. I'll see.

In Topic: Affordable mobile game (iOS/Android) marketing strategy/company

31 October 2014 - 06:16 PM

I've always wondered about advertising mobile apps. The only ads I ever see for them is on other apps or some crappy site pop-ups. Maybe on FB as well, but I've never had a Facebook account, so I have no idea. I mean, you can't expect many downloads if you just put it on the app store and leave it be.

Are there companies that specialize in this kind of promotion?

In Topic: Animation program?

31 October 2014 - 09:17 AM


I just want to have one object with 50 frames instead of 4 rotating objects with 50 frames.


Often an alternate solution for a desired effect can be suggested if you post what you want to achieve, rather than how you want to achieve it. That would require information such as what platform/OS and API you're using.


If you "just want" to have one object instead of 4, can you explain why you can't do that?


I want to have 1 object because its tidier and easier to deal with. Also because I would like software like this in case I need a feature like this in the future. I'm certain most software have this, but I was just illustrating what I'm broadly going to be using the software for. For example the software 'Spine' is heavily geared towards skeleton animation, I won't be using that much, so I don't want software that is primarily focusing on it.


Basically, I'm looking for a Photoshop that makes animation easier. To make animated backgrounds, explosions, whatever else.



In Topic: How much will this cost approx?

06 April 2013 - 08:41 AM

I'm hoping around 300 bucks or so though.
-A character and running animation.


I doubt you can even get the first thing on your list for $300. 

I'm not looking for a professional quality here, I just want some 2D art for a flash game around this quality(http://funny-games.biz/back-to-zombieland.html)


If it's going to cost that much then I can just spend more hours on it myself I guess.

In Topic: AS3 creating new objects.

03 April 2013 - 12:22 PM

I would make an array (or vector) of Bullet objects and have a var index:int that will tell me what the last used bullet in the array was.


So the implementation would go somewhat like this:




function spawnBullet():void
    //Pseudo code
    //Take the Bullet at position index and "activate it"(by activating I mean setting it's position and adding listeners)
    index = (index+1) % MaxNumberOfBullets;

// This next function I would call every few frames (it depends)
function cleanUp():void
    //Again pseudo code
    //Go through the array of bullets and check if they are ready for "deletion" (by deletion I mean removing the listeners and         
    //maybe making them invisible)


Now what this should do is it will allow you to always have a free bullet object that is hopefully destroyed (unless somehow you needed more bullets than the array could hold, in that case you increase the maximum size and add more bullets to the array) and it will make removing them not really taxing on the PC.


Ofcourse, the special case is when a bullet hits an enemy and it disapears but yout can solve that by implementing a function that will deactivate the bullet which you can, again, call in the cleanUp function instead of handling it manually.


Hope it helps you ;)


(Solved my own question by replying to this reply)

Yep, that could work. Create an array with a shit ton of bullets, make the one's that aren't in use null and when we need some new bullets we can just scan the array for the ones that we're not using. That's what I had in mind. My problem was that I didn't know that you didn't need to specify a name for an object when putting it into an array.


//I did this 
var bulletA:bullet = new bullet();

var ary:Array = new Array(9000);
ary[0] = bulletA

//Instead of doing this-
var ary:Array = new Array(9000);
ary[0] = new bullet();

//I thought that you need a name for an object when putting it into an array, my problem was generating names for all the objects. Since you don't need a name for the object, then I can just put this shit in a for-loop and generate 9000 bullets. Thanks for the reply!



I'm still open to more efficient ways of creating bullets though, but for now this will do. Thanks!