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Storing Map Data

26 January 2012 - 06:17 PM

So I'm working on my own engine. I have all the rendering going fairly well so now I'm working on a basic world editor.

To create maps using the editor, I would like to save the coordinates of each object in to a file so that I might be able to redundantly use the 3D objects to lower the overall size of the game and to provide a better way for my rendering system to work (through prefabs)

Here's the problem: I don't know how to effectively store the data in a readable format at run time and load time. Should I use XML or try and figure how to make my own file type?

Opinions and discussion? Well aware that parsers are no fun in writing, but I expect this to be the most effective way. (Unless you has an alternative :) )

Any links to resources (specifically for this application) would be appreciated!


Where to start.

11 January 2012 - 08:01 PM

Well hello there.

I've been the programmer for games for quite some time now, but I would really like to get more in tithe visuals of it all. I've messed with Maya, Blender, Zbrush and all that wonderful stuff, but the programs are so complex I shut down at the thought of trying to learn any one system/UI. I'd like to start with Blender since it is free and has a larger community.

But I need a starting point! Some small goal or point to work towards and (possibly) some one to be a mentor to me.

Can anyone suggest where I might start?

I should be getting my new PC soon, so I can't start with modeling just yet, but I might need sketching work...

In the meantime, words of encouragement and places to star?

Thank you commooooooonity.


11 January 2012 - 11:03 AM

I've never really understood why constructors are necessary. Could someone explain to me why they are needed and what EXACTLY do they do?



[C#] Converting a smidge of Code

15 October 2011 - 08:03 PM

I'm trying to convert the following bit of code to try and visualize what this kind of 2D bone system might look like in C#, and, frankly, I'm new to C++ and I really dont understand what a bit of it is doing.

struct _Bone *child[MAX_CHCOUNT], /*Pointers to children */
			*parent; /*Parent bone*/

the bit i'm having trouble with here is this part of the code that can be found here under the 2D section:
how do i create children of an object in the way it is doing, like it does here. Again, the link to this tut can be found here

Thanks in advance!

[C#] Image Manipulation

15 October 2011 - 04:27 PM

I've been toying around with the idea of a 2D game for a Windows game based on the XNA framework. Sprites, I can handle. But what I'm looking for is a way to animate an object (namely a person) that has multiple layers (foot, leggs, arms, etc.) and I would like to animate each individual part. I've poked around for 30 minutes now unable to find anything as to how to do this (i.e. change rotation, position, anchored to, etc) and I was wondering if anyone had a good idea how to do this and/or where I can find a tut on this.

Try and be simple for my sake, I'm not very familiar with XNA framework and C# is relatively new to me.

Thanks in advance!