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Land of Strife Sandbox

22 November 2011 - 11:39 AM

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Land of Strife sanbox is now online!

06.02.2012 : Fireball DoT, New Movement, New Jumping, Fixed Climbing Stairs
31.01.2012 : onHit spell animations, Tab target swap, Shadow optimizations, Performance boost
18.01.2012 : New Level! Added basic NPCs ( Dummies ).
09.01.2012 : Added Health, Energy ( placeholder ), Death and Revival
05.01.2012 : Minor GUI updates, new GUI system almost complete, Line of Sight checks added ( server-side )
20.12.2011 : Massive improvements of the code. Added cooldowns and Area of Effect Spell.
07.12.2011 : Improved Camera, Clearer Floating Combat Text, Character Portrait isn't affected by lighting anymore, Removed Targeting Circle when targeting yourself ( self casting spells is still possible for testing purposes )
05.12.2011 : Made the Spellbar a bit more pleasing. New Instant cast spell. Fireball animation.
05.12.2011 : Added Spellcasting.

Try it at http://blog.landofstrife.com/demo/ !

Land of Strife is an ORPG that concentrates on short PvP or PvE encounters directly in the browser.

There are a hell lot of Browser-Based Online RPGs. What makes this one different?

Sure out there are hundreds of browser RPGs, but they lack a certain thing - action!

It's dull and empty that when you click the "Fight" button in them, the most action you get is to see who won the fight and couple of lines of flavor text that tries to spice things up.
We're taking all that in the past - you will keep the ORPG goodies like chat, online shops, auction houses etc. BUT you're not participating in that kind of short unsatisfying and dull combat EVER again! Here we will be making a fast-pased hotkey combat - the "You just defeated someone" message has become a reward for your Skill and Effort, not for you mouse clicks!

And of course the most annoying aspect of them ORPGs is that every second click that you make, a giant popup appears "Hey! You're out of X, buy some with cash", while X goes for any resource in the game. That atop of annoying stops players that don't want to pay for "Energy" every 5 minutes, from playing more than 15 minutes.
On the contrary Land of Strife is and always will be Free to Play.

The game will feature:
  • Realtime fast-paced Combat
  • PvP encounters
  • PvE encounters
  • Different maps
  • Different kinds of maps ( including DotA like map )
  • Campaign - Single and Multiplayer
  • Different Classes
  • Different Races
  • Chat
  • Auction House
  • And a lot more...
Land of Strife is being run on a fully authoritative Server. The Server is based on the Ace technology. It's using TCP and SSL/TSL for communication with the clients.

Don't forget to check the Sandbox ( http://blog.landofstrife.com/demo/ ), for daily updates and new stuff!


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