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In Topic: LifeAI open source C++ library

30 October 2011 - 08:01 AM

The EmotionAI declared above is composed by me in an Objects Library project in CodePlex:

Copy, paste of 1/2 of the Essay:

Sets and Multi-map data structures to start. Avoidance of function pointers in first version.
Useful is map levels would be designed to feed input into a few syllogisms and then a value from multimap.

For example in 3d first person game:

requirement: player 2 used/held her/his large thunder-hammer weapon for 2.4+ secs.
result: Weapon Use Profiling recorded this event-sequence concurring 40%-60% of time in level 2.
concern1: Player 2 trying to hack his future profile changes weapons intermittently to pistol and fists to hack up the profiling.
concern2: Player 1 tries to setup Player 2 by changing positions for aliens to be trapped in a arcane situation that allows for 1-2.3. second use of weapon.

Standard Player Profile upon leaving level 2 (1-7 emotion award grades)
A) Extremely Brave (coward = 1, too brave = 7)
B) Confidant / very confidant (paranoia = 1, arrogant = 7) (Version 2, pompous = 10)
...extreme preference for 3 emotions. up to 4 emotions max in version 1.

Arbitrary Weapon Use:
0-30 = DNU, do not use, AND use other profiling results.
40-60 = explained as it is
60.% - 70%
70.% - 85%
85.% - 100% -> use your imagination

How to use this profile which is simplification valid regardless of circumstance.

In Topic: What do you think about the Revelation?

02 October 2011 - 06:43 AM

every one should eat 1-3 pieces of animal factory processed meat a day because it has protein. But how much protein is in it? Can I look under microscope with references?

In Topic: What do you think about the Revelation?

02 October 2011 - 06:38 AM

i think purpose of religion and science has ended. most problems are morality and geo-political and what not.
"a practical steam engine has been around for long time too." -- Famous Person

In Topic: LifeAI open source C++ library

02 October 2011 - 06:25 AM


There is missing abstract and executive summary. I am not saying it is necessary but it would of been helpful explanation for me. Then I see a macroeconomics break because I didn't get the meaning because I wanted to know what is couple other alternates besides utility in macroeconomics. I understand this is about utility too but there is other things in macroeconomics too. "In economics, utility is a measure of the
relative satisfaction from, or desirability of, consumption of various goods and services."

I think it was lost between the lack of meaning on utility in micro and macro and then just economics. Imo overall, just don't think it was a strong explanation.

In Topic: What's needed to recreate farmville

02 October 2011 - 05:59 AM

jbadams oct 1 : "... if you want to ask a question that isn't directly related to the topic being discussed."

But on UNIX, I had Solaris, there is no Flash support. See Illumos UNIX project and under Help forums. I asked them repeatedly to support Flash but they are dodging the question and not answering!
[Flash does not work!]