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Calum Bowen

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In Topic: ☆Super Ubie Land Soundtrack Release☆

27 August 2013 - 05:28 PM

Great work Calum. Beautifully fresh sounding and well mixed. I'm interested to see the game now!



Did you work with Surashu or was that a remake of an original track by them?


Thank you GroovyOne!

I asked Surasshu and Aivi Tran whether they'd be interested in doing a remix and they created that absolutely gorgeous remix of 'Cloudy Forest'! I had no hand in it :~)

In Topic: If you were a developer...

26 April 2013 - 08:59 AM

I agree with Jason & Nathan about the length and redundancy of some of the similar styles. I found myself skipping through a lot of the tracks. I think, personally, they don't all need to start and end - you could cross-fade between tracks mid-flow and this might make the listening experience a little less laborious.


I think the orchestral style is where you shine so I'd suggest trying to get as diversity as you can within that. The more chirpy tracks at the end could have been placed between some of the quite dark and intense orchestral pieces towards the beginning of the showreel for more a immediate show of diversity.

Some feedback on Wolf Bane (track 4) - I was struck by how far right the drums were panned on this. I would consider centre'ing them as the panning seemed to weaken the effect of the drums and made everything sound a little imbalanced in my ears.


Those were my impressions! :~) 


In Topic: ♪marble・time★OST★release♪

23 April 2013 - 05:46 PM

Awesome tracks man, I was pleasantly surprised how good they sound.

I want to ask you something (if someone else knows it too, feel free to answer): in track 3 - Good Evening, how do you arrange a bass like that? are there any rules for the notes he plays, because he doesn't just hit the root note and that's it; He goes to town.



Thanks Kryzon! :~)


OK, the bass - as with a lot of latin music (and really most other music as well) the most common bassline is one that goes from the root to the fifth and back again. That's pretty much what I'm doing in the whole song. A way to get a little variation on this is to use a leading note - so if I was going from the chord of Cmajor to the chord of F major I'd be playing C and G for the C chord then just before going to F major I'd play an E to lead up to the F. You can also use the note just above the root note of the chord you're heading to if you're so inclined.


So using leading notes and sticking to the root and fifth (also feel free to throw in octaves!) is how I went about creating my bassline. I feel that unless it's a bass riff or a brief run that's leading somewhere specific, playing anything other than root or fifth or leading notes messy with the harmony a bit too much for my taste! I hope this helps!

In Topic: ♪marble・time★OST★release♪

23 April 2013 - 09:29 AM

Calum Bowen strikes again!

These tracks are great, you've got a real knack in rearranging and re-instrumentating your own music and melodies, I love it!
I could listen to these tracks all day.


Haha striking again! :~O 


Thanks Case, I think I have a bit of an obsession with re-arranging! I'm very glad you like it!



Great thing about your music is that it's always got its own kinda Calum-vibe to it. smile.png
I agree with everything that's been said, nice tracks!



Moritz!! Thank you! I'm very happy to be finding a distinctive voice!  :~)

In Topic: ♪marble・time★OST★release♪

22 April 2013 - 07:39 PM

I really loved the energy of Good Morning! Nice variations on the title theme. 


Thanks for sharing!




Thanks a lot Nate! :~)




Hey!  I dig this.  I wondered how you created/recorded your drum samples?  They sound really natural especially the snare flam.  Sorry, I don't have any feedback, but this sounds really tidy to me!


Well, the drums I mainly used were logic pro 9's 'studio tight kit' as well as the standard drum kit from Yellow Tools' Independence Free (which is... free). The Yellow Tool's one has a really lovely flam and drag flam (I forget my drum rudiment names but it's something like that!)! Thanks Ollie!