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Indie Game websites

24 October 2013 - 08:32 PM

Taking a look at a lot of indie games, the think I notice that quite a number of them are pretty poor quality.  Which I think is unfortunate because I know the average Internet user judges the site, and therefore the game in probably less than 15 seconds.  So, a good game with a poor site, could really hurt chances of success.


I am wondering are there companies out there that specialize in creating websites for Indies?  Should this be a service that some companies should consider offering indies?

Anybody ever use SuperRewards for their Offer Wall and/or Payment Processing?

20 September 2013 - 07:28 PM

I'm looking to add some sort of Offer Wall to my game and I have come across Super Rewards. http://www.superrewards.com/ I didn't have much like trying to find some dev reviews on them. Has anyone here used them for either their Offer Wall or Payment Processing? I'd love to hear what you thought of the service.

Anybody know of any other Offer Wall type service for a F2P game with virtual currency? Let me know.


Canadian Video Game conferences

12 June 2013 - 09:25 AM

Well with the approaching release of my game WorldAlpha.  I'm wondering about Gaming conferences in Canada.  There are obvious ones like E3, GDC, Pax in the States, but what about Canada?  I was part of Digifest the past 2 falls, but that is about it.  Anybody have any suggestions?  GTA area preferably.

Microfunding - A new model?

02 March 2013 - 09:37 AM

My Game WorldAlpha

Well, I am in the process of completing my social strategy MMO WorldAlpha.  It has been quite the ride.  One of the biggest questions I've had is will people be willing to pay for this. So, I did the things other devs do, and started an IndieGoGo fund, as KS doesn't work here in Canada.  It was mildly success with 44 contributions totaling $1,781. I've also just recently started to sell Founder's Packs at my site, in just a couple of weeks, I've had 5 contributors for $150.

Microfund idea

So, it is a beginning, but really as I have been in development for over a year, I wish there would have been an opportunity to crowdfund over the whole time, as well as build a bit more of a community that has shown support by funding it, even small amounts.

That's why I came up with a funding model that I don't think exists.  An ability for devs to crowdfund throughout their whole dev cycle, and the ability for gamers to fund even small amounts of money if they like a game.

Steam Greenlight is a good way to get infront of gamers, but doesn't give gamers a chance to fund it.
Kickstarters and other sites allow a short time of crowdfunding, and requires funding of $5+ (I know there are some $1 levels, but that isn't typical)

Surely, there is a mix where indie gamers purchase microfund “coins” and give them out to lots of small projects that they are interested.
Devs get invested gamers and funding, and gamers get a chance to get behind lots of games that interest them.


Here are some advantages I see:


Developer Advantages


Ongoing - Unlike other crowdfunding that have specific timelines, we want to provide an ongoing presence during the life of development, so people can contribute as momentum builds.


Worldwide - This service will not be limited by geography, so any developer will be able to microfund.


Community Building - Unlike set timeframes for community building in other crowdfunding options, this will allow a continuous presence that will allow you to continue to crowdfund and community build on an ongoing basis.

Microfunding - Most crowdfunding starts at $5 or $10, which can be a barrier, this will let lots of gamers fund as small at $0.10.  Sort of like the "bundle" ideas where a lot of people funding a small amount can raise big time money.


Gamer Focused - Most crowdfunding happens on a much broader site with much more than just gaming, this will focus purely on indie games.  All types of games from Flash games, Browser games, Mobile, iOS, client games, and much more
Gamer Advantages


Accountablity - Gamers can choose to have funds held until developer has created a playable demo or beta release, or they can also choose to have it released immediately.


Microfunding - With the ability to fund as little at $0.10, gamers can get behind many projects with just a $5 or $10 contribution.


Anonymous - Gamers can choose to fund a campaign truly anonymously with no email or contact given to developer if desired.


So what are your thoughts?  Would this be of interest to you as a developer?  Before I go down this path, I need to get an idea if indies would support something like this.

Indie Dev Marketing companies - Do they exist?

17 February 2013 - 10:05 PM

As I have been developing my game WorldAlpha I have come to realize there is a lot to do to market my game effectively.  Coming from a web marketing background, I have been mildly successful.  That being said, I looked early, and continue to look to see if there are marketing firms out there that specialize in helping indie devs.  Not a huge Marketing PR firm, but rather one that would help with the nuts and bolts of creating an effective website, using social media, finding beta testers, giving out beta keys, as well as creating buzz about the game.  So, far I haven't really come across one.  Here are my questions.


1.) Does this company exist?  If so what is its website?

2.) Would you as a game developer use this type of service if one existed?

3.) Would you pay a decent amount for this kind of service? (Kind of subjective, but I'm getting a feel if indie devs would expect this type of stuff for "next-to" free or would be willing to pay a decent monthly for it!)


Look forward to the answers.