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Language for Web Games?

14 March 2012 - 04:56 PM

Hey there,

I'm new to game development, and I want to know whats the "best" programming language/engine I can use for game development for web.
I see a lot of flash games, but flash is not supported for all devices. May I use Javascript? HTML5? Or I will need to port my game to different languages so it can be executed on several devices?

Ty for any help.

Good Practices: General Shape Collision Detection?

17 October 2011 - 02:37 PM

Hello Guys,

I'm programming a 2d game, and i'm trying to use some good programming practices as far as i'm able to see.
I have a general entity class that represents some logical entity in my game, that can interact with the world.
To handle collision detection im using a generic interface of a shape, that represents my entities boundaries. Currently the available implementations are just simple shapes like circles and rectangles, but in the future i will like to have some composed shape implementation.
My shape interface has a method that test if this instance collide against other shape.

So, my problem is that to test this i need to now about the specific shape type, using an if verification to test what is the particular object instance (if is an rectangle-rectangle test i use some algorithm, if is a circle-rectangle i will use another).
I'm interested in know if there is some other approach that i can use, so i dont need to test the instance type, being able to scale this architecture with just some new class implementation.

Ty =)

2D hitboxes creation for sprites

07 October 2011 - 07:55 PM

Hello Guys,

I'm new here. I searched over the web for my question but couldn't find a response, maybe i'm not using the right words. (sorry for my bad english)

I'm programming a 2D game and i would like to have some precision for collision detection between sprites. I searched about some approaches, like rectangle-rectangle collision, per-pixel collision, and for a good precision and less processing efforts end up with hitboxes.
for hitboxes i'm saying somethink like street fighter hitboxes

So, my problem is, i'm not sure exactly how this rectangles can be created and stored in a fast way. I think i will need a file correlated with the sprite sheets (possible animation), so for each frame i will have the information of the rectangles dimensions and positions relative to the sprite, and then i can test collisions against it. When a create my entity it will have a file with this shapes informations. To create this shapes i thought about some design editing tool that can create them visualy over the original sprite and export to a file with text descriptions, so my program can read them. Is there some tool like that?

i appreciate any suggestions,