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Free-to-use FPS for AI modding with strong C++ API. Linux.

17 May 2014 - 07:53 PM

I want to make a mod for an FPS, and I'm still thinking about which engine I should use. My target is AI modding (genetic computation and the like), and maybe a little more adding a class system. Concerning the engine to use, and afaik:

  • IDTech4 is well organised and there's a lot of currently supported forks, so it's a viable option. There's also plenty of documentation about it.
  • Source engine is said to be not so well organised, but there's a lot of games made with it. Also, documentation seem to be good and plenty for it.

And that's it, I'm just wondering about which engine I should use before I start using one and have to make my way back and learn the other. Another point is Linux support, but both have this.



SDL color issues for per pixel collision.

12 July 2012 - 02:19 PM


I'm trying to implement a per pixel collision function. I load the image with SDL_LoadBMP and then, set the transparent color with SDL_SetColorKey call. The next step is to store that key color with SDL_MapRGB inside a Uint32 (I think that matters for my issue). That member is which I'm going to use then to check if the pixel is "free" or not.

Everything seemed to fit, but I noticed that in the pixel array, the "free" color is, for example (magenta 0xFF00FF) 0xFFFF00FF, but the one that is created with SDL_MapRGB is 0xFF00FF. One more byte for the pixel array format, so I thought it was because of the alpha data that I missed when creating the transparent color with SDL_MapRGB. Tried with SDL_MapRGB and passing 255 or 0 as alpha argument.

Anyway, the problem persists. When I create the color with SDL_MapRGBA, the data stored is still 0xFF00FF, and the pixel array is 0xFFFF00FF.

Any idea about what's going wrong? Can it be a format issue? I've thought of discarding that 2 extra bytes with an AND bit operation, but don't know if it is very safe, and if it were, I don't think it's a good solution for my problem, there should be more sdl-color-format theory behind this.

MORE INFO: I'm accesing pixel array with, say:
// in constructor...
transparent = SDL_MapRGBA (255, 00, 255, 255); // also tried with alpha 0

// ..more code..
Uint32 *pix = (Uint32 *) surf->pixels;
// bla bla bla
if (pix[y*width + x] == transparent) return true;
to access pixel in (x,y) coordinates, maybe this is wrong, but don't really think so.