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In Topic: My FPS MORPG

23 November 2011 - 07:17 PM

Thank you, driftingSpaceMan, for the advice. I've been programming for 20 years but I'm entirely self-taught. My day job actually is a music editor for a small orchestra.

Your suggestions make sense; I'm going to put this big project on hold and make a small demo. There's something special I've been wanting to make for a while, anyway :wink:

In Topic: My FPS MORPG

15 November 2011 - 02:01 PM

Thank you driftingSpaceMan for pointing out the holes in my story. :) I appreciate it.

I'm hesitant at the moment to ask anyone to invest more than a few minutes in my project since I have no portfolio and this is my first actual game (all of my previous work has been experimenting with parts of game engines). I will rework the story, though, being careful with feasibility. Once I have a signifigant, playable game I'll probably ask for an experienced writer to help clean up the storyline.

Also my budget for this project is zero, but thank you for the offer.

In other parts of the project:

Since I cannot afford high quality modeling software I am starting by coding my own modeler.

So far the program initializes Direct3D and DirectInput, generates 3D primitives, and allows me to change their properties using the keyboard. These primitives will be the starting point for most of the game's models. Next I will write a routine which will allow me to warp the primitives into the 3D forms needed in the game.

Here's a test render:

Posted Image

Also at this time I'll start working on a gameplay or battle type system; after I do that I will be able to start creating the game's components.


In Topic: If you could make any game you wanted...

06 November 2011 - 07:37 PM

I made an official thread for the project I was discussing 4 posts up. It may be found in this thread.

In Topic: If you could make any game you wanted...

01 November 2011 - 03:15 PM

Surprise :) I am knowledgeable in how to make games, and I would like to combine as many of the general ideas posted here as I can into an actual freeware PC game. During its development I will welcome ideas from anybody, and I will implement as many of them as I can.

If anybody feels I'm using their idea and would rather I did not, please post here or message me, and I will remove it from the plan.

Here is the combined idea: I will make a FPS MORPG about two continents on a fictional planet which are in a war with each other. Several different climents would be included, making it a game-planet wide event. The player would be able to walk around and participate in hand-to-hand battles, but the player can also build NPC armies, control supply routes, conduct real time battles from a bridge, and other strategic actions. The battle engine can also be used to participate in sports (which actually would not take much additional work; I reuse commands like kick, throw, shoot, etc); the winners would get military resources.

I do not want to steal anybody's specific plans, therefore I am not using the mushroom cultivation, Edible Cow, or Steampunk ships ideas, unless these posters would like me to.

Not having a direct fiberoptic Internet connection, I will try to increase the number of simultaneous players by minimizing the amount of data needed to describe each player's actions (I think I can get it down to 128 bytes per frame per player). I also have ideas of how to share the server load among individual clients, which I will type up later.

I going to start thinking of a storyline for this project. The plan right now is for a futuristic fantasy setting. This entire project will be in addition to a couple of others I'm working on.

Finally I am not currently asking for help. I also don't know yet what my policy will be concerning unsolicited media contributions (such as art and music). Although this will be a free game it will also be a professional quality one, so I need to be careful with copyrights. If anybody wants to contribute please message me first.

But I do welcome ideas for story or game design. If you have any, please post here or message me :)