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My 3D Game Engine

08 October 2012 - 02:51 PM

Hi everybody. I'm new here but I've been programming for a long time.

I'm working on a simple multithreaded Direct3D 11 game engine named "imiEngine." It is an open-souce project (GNU GPL); in my journal, I am chronicling its development.

Note that this is just something I'm doing for fun, and is based on a lot of experimentation. It's not the "official" way to use Direct3D. However it does show how to use the API in a practical setting.

The journal may be found at http://www.gamedev.n...opment-journal/. If anyone wants the source code please message me.

(I presently have limited internet access so I may not be back until Thursday).

- Mim


06 November 2011 - 07:33 PM

Hi everyone :) I joined this forum recently.

This is to announce what will be a first person multiplayer online RPG. I've taken as many of the general ideas in this thread as I could and will make them into a PC game. Ideas are welcome from anbody; I'll implement as many as I can. This will be a freeware game.

If anybody feels I'm using their idea and would rather I did not, please post here or message me, and I will remove it from the plan.

Special thanks to Wiggin, who gave this specific idea and gave me permission to use it (I'm copying it here so it will be listed in this main thread):

I would make an MMO where players control steampunk-ish ships in a world much like the Skyland universe, floating islands and such... there would be no grind. The gameplay would be about fleet tactics. Ships and missiles would move slowly, it would not be twitchy who-aims-best-with-a-mouse stuff. Lag issues in large battles would be managed by increasing the fog-of-war when many ships are fighting. There would be large permanent stargate-like portals to fly through and ruins of ancient civilizations.

I came up with a basic story line, which is included in the end of the post.

I feel I should also copy the following from the previous thread:

I am not currently asking for help. I also don't know yet what my policy will be concerning unsolicited media contributions (such as art and music). Although this will be a free game it will also be a professional quality one, so I need to be careful with copyrights. If anybody wants to contribute please message me first.

However I do appreciate ideas and criticism for game design, the story, or anything else related to the project. If anybody has ideas please post here :) Next step for me is to get started on the code and iron down a few character types and settings.



The game takes place on an unnamed planet completely covered by a deep ocean. Seperating the ocean is a chasm several miles wide and about a mile deep, creating a waterfall effect on both sides; the water there runs into the interior of the planet. Floating about two miles above the ocean are large masses of porous rock filled with naturally occuring helium (and sometimes hydrogen); on top of these rocks grow grasses and plant life. These islands float around randomly, pushed around by the wind.

The first people on this planet lived on a few of these islands and were carried around by them. Some drifted across the chasm which divides the ocean. As civilization developed it became necessary to keep the islands in one place, so giant anchors were constructed which tied each island to one place on the ocean. Although these early civilizations had boats, crossing the chasm in the middle of the ocean was next to impossible, so the two societies on either side of the chasm were isolated from each other and developed seperately.

Centuries went by. Having an abundance of water and hydrogen for fuel, steam powered inventions became most improtant and developed in both societies. But one society, later known as the "dark society," was warlike and developed machines for conquest, while the other one, the "light society," devoted itself to scientific endeavours.

Things changed, though, when both societies simultaneously developed powered flying machines. The chasm in the middle of the ocean could now easily be crossed. An army from the dark society invaded an island populated with people of the light society, and a war began.

If you could make any game you wanted...

28 October 2011 - 01:57 PM

Hi everyone :) I'm new here. I develop multimedia techniques and algorithms as a hobby.

Here's a topic for discussion: If you could make any video game you wanted, what would you make?

Here's an idea I have (though its probably not that creative): Cross an FPS with a 16 bit side scrolling shooting-type game and a puzzle game. The side scrolling game would be reformatted to use 3D, and the object would be not to just blow everything up but to control the patterns of enemies by shooting the correct ones.

So what ideas do you all have? :)