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#5065685 Auto-Selecting Optimal Citizens

Posted by on 28 May 2013 - 08:30 PM

So part of my upgrade to Majesty involves having multiple unit types per Order(Guild in Majesty). And also that they are not static types and they are selected from an educated populace. Educated populace is created Impressions style with high tier housing. Some low level heroes use regular population since you need some heroes during the process of advancing your early society.


Anyways because the game is a simulation and you are supposed to have only limited control you need to provide educated citizens nearby an order motherhouse.


I am trying to decide how to select citizens with stats suited for particular orders. I could assign stats based on the base class that are preferred and select citizens with the best match automagically when I initiate recruitment.


Alternatively I could let the player search through a list of in range and pick their own choice for a new ordermember.


A third more intensive option is to allow the guild to make its own choice and choose when to recruit a new member, that's simmier but farther outside the current scope of the game mechanics. It might take some work to make the AI smart enough to spend its money wisely.


The goal is basically to get the player to create several educated population centers and spread around various Orders and economic guilds and such. If I let them choose what citizen to use the goal would be for them to make smart choices about which people would be good at what kind of work. There may be motivation to spread top tier mages compatible citizens to different Orders or even pick a few good mages with high crafting for making an Order's special items.


Orders can choose to multi-class by reading special books of knowledge. Only the leader of the order, preceptor for military, high priest for church, and archmage for magic can read books. They can then enable their Motherhouse to train others in the guild. A leader would need high research skills to read diverse books and read them quickly for maximum knowledge gain. Crafters would need as previously mentioned high crafting and production related skills.


Equipping an Order with enough characters good at the right things is important to let them become powerful. You cannot directly control an Order member except in special cases. Perhaps assigning them to crafting or researching and special skills but otherwise they are autonomous. So they make their own decisions about fighting and buying items and patrolling and shit.


I'm trying to decide how much control in selecting initiates to give and such.

#5063791 Tycoon genre, definition thoughts

Posted by on 22 May 2013 - 04:47 AM

Tycoon games are about being a tycoon. Its kinda obvious. As much as definitional slippage is making genre definitions worthless these days there isn't really room for interpretation here.


You could technically start small and move up, but at some point you need multiple shops and, abstractly, hundreds or more of workers.

#5063036 What an emperor of a space empire does?

Posted by on 19 May 2013 - 11:41 AM

Well to answer the title directly, nothing. Because the kind of culture needed to run an interstellar society is as far from imperial as can be. Even aside from the fact that a single person could never handle that much complexity. I am speaking strictly to feasibility of space empires.


As far as what random crap you could make up for him to do, he probably does whatever regular emperors do, because otherwise why call him an emperor?


Lots of wining and dining, orgies, random executions, parades in dress cloths. If you have instant communication he might be an admiral of a fleet or something.


From the games I've seen of yours you aren't seriously asking what his day to day routine is. Day to day routine is boring as shit whether you are an emperor or a serf.


He would probably have meetings with his spymaster and treasurer, but in my experience video games tend to abstract that out to always on menus like resource bars.

#5061487 What's the true worth of an initial game idea?

Posted by on 13 May 2013 - 06:19 AM

i didnt bother reading the whole stuff until i raged down to write a reply and here it is:


I personaly think that what makes any film, book or game-idea be "worhty", have "dignity" and a right to be made is if the idea/story is original and anti-cliche. I think for amateurs today, the key to breaking into the industry isnt to make superb visuals (movies) and good gameplay (games), but good STORY!

Thats your way in. Because THAT, the STORY, is what critics today are so unhappy about today:

bad stories


my opinions are mine alone

You people with all your analogies have never written a book or painted a painting have you? You better not take this shit to a writers' forum and expect to impress people.


Do you know what editors are? Do you know what drafts are? What you wrote a 10 page paper in college and got an A and expect people to give a shit? Look, go to a writers' forum and make a post like this about books and when everyone agrees with you get back to me.

#5061383 Personnel (strategy)

Posted by on 12 May 2013 - 06:58 PM

It sounds to me like you need to play several dozen hours of Crusader Kings 2 as this is almost identical to their system and you could learn quite a lot from them

#5061031 What's the true worth of an initial game idea?

Posted by on 11 May 2013 - 04:58 AM

There is no person who just walks up to a painter and says I want to paint a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge and then the painter just paints it. Its usually the painter himself who decides what to paint. The most common "designer" of a song is a singer songwriter. Or one guy who does lyrics and then another who plays or w/e.


People who can ONLY think up ideas and have no technical skills are worthless. You know the only case where someone tells the singer what to sing? Industrialized pop music. You know who decides? The suits. The same for painting. A rich person commissions a portrait. You can design any damn game you want if you FINANCE it, too.


So to clarify, things an idea guy needs to be valuable:







In which case he is a suit or a programmer or an artist, too. And generally unless you are a suit, the artists and programmers get to make decisions, too.


There is no where in the art world a case where people sit around dreaming up ideas and then get someone with skill or talent to make that complicated art piece for free. Not one fucking place.

#5061008 What makes an RTS game stand out?

Posted by on 11 May 2013 - 01:16 AM

RTSs stand out when they go all in on something. RTTs like CoH are one example. Grand strategy like CK2 is another. Simulated troops like Majesty is another. Basically don't try to mix it up too much unless you really know what you are doing or you are mixing in something completely new. RTS games like WBC3 have average economy and combat but they spin in a shit ton of RPG to make them stand out. Perimeter added unit transformation but was otherwise nothing more than Total Annihilation. Stronghold had a semi okay economy but was mainly notable for its extensive fortress simulation with siege and walls.


Some games stand out with a shit ton of balance and/or polish like Blizzard games, even if their economy is boring.


Basically you need to pick one aspect and do it REALLY well. In a way that hasn't been done. Or you could take one game and make a more polished version, but that's unlikely since you are indieish.

#5056183 Role Playing Beyond Combat

Posted by on 23 April 2013 - 03:26 PM

can you give a description of your game ? thus far it s not even clear whether upgrades should belong to characters or buildings,or are you still trying to choose between the two ?


if anything, i wouldnt worry about processor-power over a formula, a decent computer should be able to make the necessary calculations all the time and show them to the player if/when the player wants to see them/needs to make a decision based off them

You can get character skill, with their mind and body parts, bonuses from tools, and bonuses from facilities, all applied to the basic quality of a resource and a type of item, ie chain vs plate.

#5055890 Armour and penetration system for multiple genres. Feedback welcome.

Posted by on 22 April 2013 - 07:02 PM

You're ruleset is ridiculously over-complicated. Having to check 9 different stats (6 defensive and 3 offensive) just to determine the amount of damage dealt by a bullet to one layer of armor is ludicrous. With two armor layers and two damage types per weapon, there are 21 different stats that can affect how much damage a person takes from any given attack. It really feels like complexity for complexity's sake, which is rarely, if ever, the origin of an enjoyable ruleset.

In the context of designing fleets though its not really too complex. And it provides interesting realism where neither side really knows what the other side is going to use, similar to real warfare.

#5055827 Armour and penetration system for multiple genres. Feedback welcome.

Posted by on 22 April 2013 - 01:53 PM

I can't imagine the point of this. The only reason to make complex calculations is to force a player to make decisions in a single fight. Otherwise everyone will just memorize a wiki made by some math crafters and all this work will be for nothing. In theory you might use this in a system when you can customize weapons and armor, ie, the enemy prefers lasers for w/e reason so you create an armor to minimize lazer damage catching them off guard.

#5055536 Any game like this?

Posted by on 21 April 2013 - 10:45 AM

Part of my current project involves an aspect of developing characters for the economic and combat simulations. Its extremely difficult to find games close enough to evaluate for ideas and almost no one wants to discuss design theory. So I suspect your chances of finding anything really similar are quite low.


Unless you wanna go from hockey to football or baseball or soccer or something.

#5055152 Role Playing Beyond Combat

Posted by on 20 April 2013 - 12:53 AM

So as part of my current project I am creating an engine that can handle the character related tropes of role playing games. Notice I said character related. I have no interest in RPG combat or story lines because my engine is focused around RTS games. Not limited to, but the basics behind a game are intended to always include a map which you are trying to exercise real time control of.


There are countless examples of combat related rpg characterization to fall back on, improve on, iterate on but, its not so easy to look at successful implementations in the context of economics or trade or science.


Its also a little harder since it has to integrate in other systems in a way combat doesn't.


Basically I based my initial plan on crafting systems I've conceptualized for VOWs. I have to decide on a level of detail. I basically have 2 choices here. I can run a stat per resource or I can run one per field. I prefer resources, as a min maxer its more interesting, but it might be less memory intensive, for the player and the computer, to do fields like alchemy and cooking and so forth. Fields might also be better for size reasons. It might be nice to specialize in specific resources and processes to make specific potions to gain efficiency, but only if the map size is large enough to support a potion making structure for each kind. This can partially be offset by having labs functions as items, which have no corporeal 3D form, inside potion workshops. So you could have 4 labs per workshop. However you would still need a pool of educated citizens large enough to support a large number of potion makers.


Another issue I have is that time management wise it might be easier to run one guy doing all the potion skills instead of specializing. If my goal is to reduce micro it would be easier to run multiple projects under one guy who focuses on his field and not his specialty, instead of having several guys overseeing a smaller number of workers/projects.


Basically I feel like there is a sweet spot between how much control the player has and how much work is required to exercise it. I know that crafting works well at the field level from MMOs. So I have to decide if given all the other design risks I'm taking whether more granularity in production will pay off.

#5055141 Any game like this?

Posted by on 19 April 2013 - 11:30 PM

Crusader Kings 2 has an aspect like that. Mixed in with Dynasty management. I'm not sure if its pure enough. You also have to deal with combat. Well, not technically, you could eschew it if you wanted. And the event system is helpful since you can make choices about your guys. You search around the game for good marriages and try to breed good congenital traits to your dynasty and used education to get good traits for your kids.

#5051631 An entire game focused on magic?

Posted by on 09 April 2013 - 04:56 PM

Academagia has a system for this. Most you take classes and get events and choose to go to various locations. Its basically a Hogwarts simulator.


Personally I thought Earthsea or the Name of the Wind or other similar magic systems are much better. Because its not just shitty massacring of Latin.


There are rules to the system and you can manipulate them. Honestly even The Darkness series by Turtledove had a better magic system and it was actually an alt universe WW2 that didn't even focus on a magic academy.

#5049043 Would people enjoy a hardcore story-based strategy game?

Posted by on 01 April 2013 - 07:33 PM

Are you familiar with King of Dragon Pass? It's, to my mind, the archetypical story/strategy game.



The strategy is around establishing a mythical/fantasy tribe in a new land, and the story comes in as you have to manage people as individuals as well as the tribe as a whole.


I'm glad someone mentioned this. KoDP has a great story.


I am working on my modified RTS engine right now trying to make weird genre blending exploratory strategy games. Currently I'm doing Majesty/Emperor combo but with deeper guilds, but later I'm going to be doing some storyish Dominions/KoDP event system style things. I'm actually writing the event code right now. There are gonna be several individual events but also some long interlocked series of events.


If OP ends up making a game I'll be interested to see his method of integrating story. I'm always looking for new surprising genre combos.