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Parsing the Graphic Assets

17 April 2012 - 02:00 PM

I want to develop an isometric game and I'm planning to use the art collection of flare. However, I couldn't figure how to parse the tileset of flare into my game. Here is an example of their tilesets. As far as I know grouping the tiles into one file is good, however, I couldn't figure out how I'm going to parse them as I mentioned earlier and, again, as far as I know there is no pixel marks indicatingthe starting and ending point of a particular tile or it's ancohor points etc. So how I'm going to handle this? Any particular solutions?

I hope I explained myself clearly.

Thank you in advance.

How to start?

27 November 2011 - 09:27 AM

Hello, folks

At the beginning of this semester, me and my friend decided that we should prepare game (psuedo-3D RPG since we're only two people) for our graduation project. I'm good at C and my friend is good at Java, however, we decided to write our game in C++ because it's commonly used in game development and that's the field I want to work after my graduation. Since I'm good at C, I doubt I will have hard times with C++. I've allready got two books(accelerated C++ and Robert Lafore's book).

Last week, I started studying OpenGL from OpenGL Superbible but gave up after 1 week because a teacher in my University told me that studying OpenGL would be waste of time, and he added that we should be working on a game engine and start with small projects. The way of superbible's teaching the OpenGL(I find pretty weak in terms of practicing what you learn from book. He just explains his examples and that's all) mixed with my teacher's advice, I gave up studying OpenGL. Do you think studying OpenGL is waste of time? I'm sure it's not for in long term since I want to study in this field, but for the start, do you think it's better to start with a game engine? If yes, which game engine me and my friend should start with. I doubt we can manage a 3D RPG game project with only 2-3 programmers. Do you think it's good to stick with psuedo-3D game given that we have 2 years to finish? Note that we will spend some time to learn how to develop game as well.

Also, I had really really hard times to find resource on web about isometric(psuedo-3D) game development. Do you know some good resources that I can make use of?

Thank you!