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Modern Roguelike > Oh, your code structure isn't pefect?

Posted 03 February 2013

The problem with me creating stuff, generally, is that I am a perfectionist. And that doesn't only apply to the outcome but also the process of making something. Countless times I've looked at my projects and thought to myself; "That's a complete mess.." even though it was probably just fine. And this project is not an exception.I've redesigned and restru...

Modern Roguelike > A ton of work

Posted 26 January 2013

Oh yes, this weekend has been filled with work. I've deviated a little bit from the tile and tile manager to do some more general stuff. I restructured a lot of my project and I feel I have most of my code where I want it and under control. GitHub's issues and milestones have really helped me get myself motivated, I've been up late nights just closing one...

Modern Roguelike > Gitin' it done

Posted 22 January 2013

I've just been soaked in work last week but it's clearing up. Some spare time has shown itself allowing me to work a little bit on my game though. Some stuff has been changed around and I've finally gotten around to learn Git and got myself a GitHub account set up. I have decided to publish my code there in a public repository, for the time being at least...

Modern Roguelike > Tiles, tiles, tiles...

Posted 13 January 2013

So here I am again, a week later.. I did not really follow up my goals from last time. I have a hard time putting all my ideas on paper so I've decided to instead of writing a long and complicated design document I'm going to develop the game as it comes and instead make lists of features I want to implement and then create a planning to introduce them. S...

Modern Roguelike > Introduction

Posted 07 January 2013

Since I was very small I've always loved role-playing games, computer games as well as tabletop games such as Dungeons & Dragons. I've been interested in game development for a very long time too, and done rather a lot of programming.There's been one thing that's been preventing me from developing my very own game though, and that is motivation. As so...