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Accurately estimating programming cost?

04 December 2014 - 02:12 AM

As an artist and business student who is working towards producing a game, what are reliable methods for me to estimate what my programming needs will cost?


A description of what I have in mind is a top down space sim. Think FTL combined with planets crew can land on, explore and build.


While I'd appreciate a range for this type of game. I would like to learn how to make future estimations too.

How to keep straight line straight while mapping to non rectangular area

18 July 2014 - 02:41 AM

Hi, everyone.  I tried to map a rectangular image to a non-rectangular area(considerring perspective). But the straght line in the image became bent in the result. I have tried change the filter from linear to nearest, neight of them worked.


Here is my drawing code

void vedioMap(){
	float* t;
	float a,b;

	glBindTexture(GL_TEXTURE_2D, vedioTexIds[0]);

	FOR(i,4) {
		glTexCoord2f(screenCoord[i][0], screenCoord[i][1]); 


The origin image is east1 and the result is another  in the  attach files.


So my question is how to keep the straight line straight?



Question: Multiplayer fps game with Directx (UDP)

21 March 2014 - 02:45 AM



I have been recently coding a basic directx11/c++ FPS game where player can walk on a simple terrain.


I want to start implementing simple multiplayer functionality, my game will be two(or more) players join to server and shoot each other until someone wins the game. Yeah very basic I know.


I have couple of questions:


- Are there simple tutorials/example of how to handle packages/connection/data via UDP so I can sync player positions and some other simple data between players? Maybe some very simple fps skeleton of game would be best to learn from.


- How should I implement the server, I'm thinking I could setup my own domain and run server on it. Any ideas how to have player join to this server from their clients and then join to some "room" where they are in the same game?

- OR, if this is very hard to implement, I could connect players directly from clients.


- I know it is not easy to implement this, but Im patient and want to learn it!





Dame Dev Magazine

29 July 2012 - 04:14 AM

I've never seen a game dev magazine in England but I think it'd be a great thing to have, especially been as there is a variety of web design magazines around. Would anyone here be interested in starting one with me? I could write but I'd need mroe [recruitment deleted by mod]

The Ultimate Dungeon Crawler

28 July 2012 - 10:07 AM

Hey guys I've had this idea about a multiplayer game for a while although I am not sure if can really be called an MMORPG.
Basically it would be a mix between old-school Bioware rpgs (Baldur's gate, Icewind dale) and hack & slash games such as Diablo. The game will be based on complete randomisation (terrain, dungeons, towns, monsters, NPCs, quests, loot and even spells and abilities) offering a party of players (4-6) a unique experience in every play. I was highly dissapointed by Diablo III's promise of an endless dungeon crawling experience and I want the game to encompass the tactical approach of Biaware Rpgs (traps, weaknesses to elements, buffs etc...) while keeping the dynamic action of a hack n slash game (real time play, click to hit, use of the environment, importance of movement). Dungeons will not be based on killing monsters only but also on solving randomised puzzles which will be specific to the visited areas and unlock for instance other parts of the dungeon. Players will need to be smart to succeed and the difficulty of both puzzles and monsters will vary within a predefined range according to each player's level.

As mentioned, I expect spells and abilities to be randomised as well in order to achieve complete character customisation. Whether or not a player will be able to use a spell will depend on his experience in the concerned field (for instance summoning or necromancy) which will also affect his ability to correctly identify the spell. This will also work with items, which can be equipped even if not correctly identified but whose exact effects will be unknown until proper identification (which can in turn be detrimental to the player if for example he equips an elemental weapon and fights monsters of the same element). Players can visit temples/schools which can have their items/spells identified for them and where they can buy new ones. I expect the drop rate of loot (including gold) to be very low but every drop to be a significant. I believe there is no use in having 20 drops per fight where each one will be sold for a very small amount. In that way, weight will be placed on every loot, especially for dungeon chests and boss drops.

Although I have not really though about how the world can be designed nor its setting I believe it's best that a party (max 4-6) can only play in one world in order to focus on its story alone without interfering with other parties. Communication will be essential and the game will have a build in voice system as well as an easy to use party finder. The purpose of the game will be to pursue the story of your party in a world where each play will offer truly new adventures and opportunities and a limitless evolution of your character.

I am aware of the huge difficulty in designing such a game but I believe it goes in line with the recent demand for sandbox-type and randomised games. Although I have not really thought about graphics, I have a 2D isometric type of game in mind with simple yet fluid graphics that will allow for dynamic fights and an easy randomisation of the environment. I have a lot of other ideas on the customisation of the characters (class, attributes...) as well as an advanced crafting system that will use a huge amount of in game resources to craft items, spells etc...

Well that's about it, I've had the desire to play a truly randomised rpg a experience for a long time, so let me know what you guys think about this idea.