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#5128948 The gaming industry, advice!

Posted by on 05 February 2014 - 02:46 AM

Toms post there reads like a girl your trying to chat up just politely answering enough of your questions just to be nice, but leaving you under no illusion of that your getting nothing from her. OP is 14 man, elaborate on your answers a bit more than just 'yes' and 'not very.' 


On topic:


One thing you need to remember here, and is key to any role you find yourself in, is that you have to love it. You have to love to code. You have to love to draw. You have to love game design etc. It's what your going to be doing for, perhaps, the rest of your life and this industry evolves at a rapid pace so you need to be able to keep up and learning new things quickly (but that comes with experience). 


Honestly, don't put too much faith into a degree. Whilst yes they might be useful, a lot of employers want to see how skilled you are in your respective area. Who cares if you got a 1st class degree from a swanky university. Any employer worth their salt will still offer you an interview as long as you have passion and can show case some of your work. When I was at uni I learned more doing projects in my spare time than the classes I did at uni. Partly as I was doing things I was interested in and partly as I'm not the best in those sorts of learning environments (classes / lectures etc).


I'm not saying you shouldn't go, but I am saying don't worry too much about it.


Another key concept is networking. Try and get your face known in your local game dev scene. I know a lot of indie companies and friends who have hired people / got work purely because they knew someone who knew someone. So keep your people skills up. 


Finally, for your own game, pick up the free copy of Unity and use C#. I use both professionally and you can do anything you want with it, including non game related subjects. The website also offers some of the best documentation and tutorials i've ever seen in relation to code and game development. 

#5069550 About to go Freelance

Posted by on 13 June 2013 - 03:43 PM

Hey guys


I'm about to do something I've contemplated for a long time and become a freelance programmer. I was wondering, have any of you ever left you job to do this? If so, what advice could you impart on a programmer about to do the same thing? Any lessons learnt the hard way you'd care to tell me about so I can do my best avoid them?


I'll be honest, doing this is scaring the hell out of me but it's something I need to do. So please, any comments about "don't do it" or something similar to those lines; keep to yourself. Unless you have good reasons backing that up.