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#4988330 Progamming for beginners

Posted by on 09 October 2012 - 07:17 AM

Ok, I hear this a lot. What exactly is "HARD" about C++ ?? It is unfair since I've been programming since '88, and the only language around was either C or assembly (or BASIC). But why disuade people from any language? C++ isn't any "harder" than any other object oriented language out there. If by "hard" you mean all the crashes you get from undisciplined pointer use, then I would say better to do it now while you're learning than at your first job.

So my actual question is: Why is C++ considered hard?

#4882063 Absolute beginner...!

Posted by on 09 November 2011 - 04:21 AM

Hi all. Basically i'm hoping to work in games development in the future, at college at the moment and will be starting a computer science degree next september. Now basically, i started learning Python, but the more I read on the net the more unsure I am of whether to carry on with this, start learning C# or just jump straight into C++.

Anyone have a clue? pass it this way please =)


As a compSci major, you are going to realize that the question you are asking is moot. You are going to be learning a computational science with programming principles. The language you choose will matter little. If you just want to learn programming oriented towards the game industry, then DigiPen and FullSail will do just that. Don't waste your time with Diff-EQs, Fields and Waves, or Data Algorithms . If you are asking what language you pick up to hone your programming skills. Any of them and just start, learn how to work in a code base (Doom 3 soon to be release if not already c/c++). Developers will look for specific skill c++, direct X, GL ect ect.. sets when they interview. But they will want to see most of all how technically minded you are. Good luck, I hope that helps. Just start coding.