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In Topic: Blender for making Games?

14 February 2014 - 11:41 PM



I've been getting into Blender a lot lately, trying to learn a little bit about every part of the program. Once you start looking for how to actually use it, you find that Blender is like an iceburg - there's even more underneath. It's incredible how much you can do with that program. I've heard the built-in video editor rivals editors completely dedicated to video editing!


Also, I've used the Blender Game Engine successfully on five One Game a Month Games (the other games were either board games or written in C++): Stack, Vision, Hint: Shoot, Gravity, and The Curse. Although it's essential that you know Python to make most things, the logic bricks are nice for doing anything simple very quickly (if you don't have to write a script, then don't write a script). It is really nice to have a smooth workflow like the BGE because everything is integrated. I'm used to pure C++ & compiler, so this was a very refreshing feeling!


Although the engine might not seem like much, once you use it you'll find it's very powerful & intuitive. At the very least you can use it to make very rapid 3D prototypes.


I've also been entertained by the thought of using it for a high-school level course on computer science, game development, 3D modelling, and animation. Everything is integrated & you can get results fast enough that it seems more like play and less like work, which would help students stay motivated.

In Topic: Amusing glitch gallery

28 August 2013 - 04:54 PM

LOL, time travel was definitely involved! Let's see if I can clone the repo at that time and see what was wrong...


UPDATE: I couldn't get the code at that period in time, but it was probably unrelated to not erasing the screen due to the way I always start projects. I'm pretty sure all of it was drawn every frame!


I tried to reproduce it editing only the settings, but I believe it may have been a bug in the code when I made the settings configurable from file. Here's the original spritesheet if you want to see it. I don't think it's possible to draw this without redrawing the image at least twice per frame, so the screen might not have been updating (although that wouldn't make too much sense because every time I update the window I clear it; it's impossible to not to with my API).


If you really want to know, check out the repo  (tester working and animation working code; use history in top right to see older code; the bug happened April 10 at 7:44 AM) and figure it out yourself :)

In Topic: Amusing glitch gallery

27 August 2013 - 09:03 AM

I'm a little late, but here's my first 2D animation program:



This is the intended result:




If you look at the time (7:44 AM on glitch, 7:40 AM on working), I actually glitched it up after I was finished with it (must've been the pink background, holding everything together like a bro)

In Topic: How to implement a Component-Based Entity system?

12 August 2013 - 03:34 PM

Mainly just that I wanted alignment via grid in a roguelike style, and there's no reason to update logic every frame (because things only happen every 0.25sec). Now that I think about it, I could've updated everything every 0.25, and had 4 FPS, because it didn't really matter.


I'm trying to figure out how I want to separate the updating. Should I have two update functions & component lists, then two object manager updates that update each respective one? That would allow me to dynamically choose which update section each individual component can use, but it is a little complex.

In Topic: How to implement a Component-Based Entity system?

12 August 2013 - 03:01 PM

I don't know if this helps you, but here's my implementation. I used C++ and the STL, and you can check it out in action on the first game I made with it. My implemented components are here, and the object spec files are here.


It was a little annoying to grab other components as well as limited in that I couldn't have separate update times (like render and take input every frame, but only move every 1/4 second etc.). It's also annoying to have to use the same template every time, but the advantages outweigh the disadvantages (for example, I will soon be able to prototype completely new objects via the CLI)