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In Topic: Trying to Go Digital: Soldier Warfare

19 February 2012 - 03:35 AM


Thank you. A lot of what you've shared with me is helpful.

I'll try to work on the wording of the rules as I know they currently aren't the best. I forgot to show a picture of the lock-on die, which is a 2/6 chance die. The Scout's dynamic range is just the difference in damage (dice used) depending on the distance to the target.

It's fairly fun to play and feels roughly like chess. People have little difficulty understanding the rules and no one has been flat out confused as of yet.

I don't have any prior work. I would be creating content for this game, as I don't believe my programming skills would strong enough to efficiently help in developing code. However, I would be able to handle developing art for the project.

I will look into Game Maker, and when I'm ready I'll be sure heed your words about recruiting others.

Thank you!