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#4914465 Trying to Go Digital: Soldier Warfare

Posted by on 19 February 2012 - 03:35 AM


Thank you. A lot of what you've shared with me is helpful.

I'll try to work on the wording of the rules as I know they currently aren't the best. I forgot to show a picture of the lock-on die, which is a 2/6 chance die. The Scout's dynamic range is just the difference in damage (dice used) depending on the distance to the target.

It's fairly fun to play and feels roughly like chess. People have little difficulty understanding the rules and no one has been flat out confused as of yet.

I don't have any prior work. I would be creating content for this game, as I don't believe my programming skills would strong enough to efficiently help in developing code. However, I would be able to handle developing art for the project.

I will look into Game Maker, and when I'm ready I'll be sure heed your words about recruiting others.

Thank you!

#4913452 Trying to Go Digital: Soldier Warfare

Posted by on 15 February 2012 - 02:24 PM

I've been working on a strategy game, Soldier Warfare, and made a board game as a prototype for it. The rules are complete at this moment and it works fine as a tabletop game, but now I want to make the real thing. I would like to know if you, the community, feel the game is ready to developed by a team. I would also like input on how to best go about building a team and developing such a game. Furthermore, any advice on release platforms would also be appreciated as I'd only plan for PC, but having Mac, iOS, or XBLIG as well would be nice, though I'm not naive. It may seem like a lot, but the primary purpose of this post is to call for a general critique, with the query of 'do you think this game is ready to be made?' everything else that I've asked for falls secondary to that. I appreciate you understanding.

General Concept
The game occurs in a not too distant future where technology has progressed to the point of manufacturing specialized suits of armor for soldiers. These suits can aid soldiers by consuming energy points, allowing for one of three abilities to be used. These abilities are sprinting, armor, and camouflage. With these suits, five man squads face off against each other.



Desired Aesthetic
2-D, hand drawn sprites and environments in pseudo isometric style, and classic birds eye view found in strategy games(Skulls of the Shogun uses this point of view).

Changes In Going Digital
As may be necessary, I'll change the damage system to a set of normalized numbers for each soldier to replace the rolling of dice. I've prototyped the adding of 'obstacles' such as buildings, on the board, and would like to build several maps for the game. Maybe even a dynamic map or two, though I have yet to test this. And of course whatever else needs to change along the way.

P.S. As always, I would appreciate it if we could keep unnecessary negativity from creeping in, and thank you all.