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#4993352 Digipen: The best college for programming?

Posted by RadioactiveMicrobe on 24 October 2012 - 01:56 AM

So, I know there's a similar thread a bit further down on the page about digipen.

And I've read the material in the replies there, and, throgh they are helpful, were posted long ago, when the industry was much different (As even the articles themselves mention.)

I've naturally been thinking about Digipen, since it's, you know, Digipen. I've been looking at the requirements for admission, and the requirements confuse me. For the BS in Game Design, it says I'm required to complete a summer sketchbook thingy. IS that reall something I have to do as someone who is interested in the software engineering aspect of game development? Looking over the requirements sugests that Digipen focuses more on the creative aspect than the technical.

This got me thinking, is that something that is expected for top-tier programmers? To have a background in art as well? I don't know, I rationalized that this would make communication between programmer and artist easier.

Basically, in today's industry, is Digipen really the best for someone interested soley in the programming aspect? Or is Digipen right in asking me to somehow acquire artistic talent?