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In Topic: Breaking into... another country. Advice needed.

15 November 2012 - 10:04 AM

Thanks for answers! Couldn't reply back earlier, sorry :)

1. I think there are other possible ways. But you can try that.
2. Anything is possible.
3. Unlikely. You should read FAQ 72. Go back out to the Breaking In forum main page and find the FAQs link at upper right.

Honestly only other way I see is getting an education here in Russia, but we have quite low quality education. It is rather cheap (comparing with USA or Great Britain), but useless.
I've read the FAQ, the most important thing I've got is that I need to have work permission visa to be able to be considered at all by American companies.

It is a shame you didn't ask this last year. There was an exchange program at the ENDI last year, which hired people from around the globe (mainly Germans, but it wasn't a set focus as far as I am aware of).
Unfortunately, after this batch, the ENDI is closing. It would've been a nice foot in the door.
I would recommend you look up any ties the IGDA might have in chapters in Canada and see if anything pops up. It may not be as straightforward as what you're asking for, but you never know. Having experience in a studio might really help.
What company are you currently working for?

Thanks, I'll google it.
I work for Mail.Ru company.

As far as the American system is considered, you will need 3 years of specialized experience in lieu of a degree, so your 5 in the game industry may qualify you for that. Other countries are likely to have similar conditions, so I wouldn't write it off.
If a company is willing to sponsor you, let them worry about putting the right spin on your resume to bring you over.

You would need to look very carefully at whether you can even work as a student - using my American experience again, I can tell you I was only allowed to work on-campus, for a max of 20 hours a week (15 at my particular college.) This included freelance work and summer internships (though I know some who considered the benefits of a paid internship to offset the risk) and even after graduation I had my share of obstacles in my job search.

Oh, thats interesting. I gotta research about work experience in realtion to a degree. Thanks for that idea!

I think in Australia you don't have to work particulary on-campus as I can understand. In the US on the internet they say:

"As an international student / foreign student, finding work off-campus in the USA is not an option at first, but once you have spent a year in the United States you may be eligible to apply for an international student work permit that allows you to work off-campus, in an area related to your field of study."

Basically 1 year to work on-campus or freelance and than it will be an option to work off-campus.

In Topic: I want to try programming, where should I start?

05 May 2012 - 12:30 PM

Thanks for advices, I really appreciate it.
I've did web research and decided that I would start with Java and later, probably, pick up C# as the next step, but that is in far future. I have both iOS and Android devices, so Java seems like nice choice, though I guess monthes will pass before I get to writing any app for any of those :)

Reading a book now, whole concept of object-oriented language is sorta hard to understand for me with all those objects communicating with each other, but I hope I will get it soon. Pascal was more straightforward hehe. I find it kind of... surprising that programming is fun for an artist person like me. I was actually having good time whole day doing those cute little beginner level exercises.