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Topics I've Started

Breaking into... another country. Advice needed.

11 November 2012 - 08:02 AM

I was thinking about this for a while and would like to hear other peoples' opinions.
Currently I am living in Russia, I have around 5 years of experience in games development industry. I plan to work here in Moscow for a couple more years to finish this AAA game I am working on. That will insure that I have decent portfolio as a level/game designer.

I plan to move to another country, preferrable English speaking one. The problem is that I don't have colledge education and even with a job invitation from said country they will more likely deny my working visa application. Guess they will classify me as an unskilled labour worker :)

Anyways, I think the only possible way for me is to get a colledge degree in said country. And here comes the question: is it possible to get a part time job as a level/game designer as a student in, lets say, England or Canada? Will an employer even bother to hire an international student for 10-20 hours a week for said position?

Thank you.

I want to try programming, where should I start?

03 May 2012 - 11:04 PM

Hello. I have very little experience in programming - some was way back in elementary school where I programmed on Pascal, and some recent experience with expressions in Maya. Not neccessary programming, but close. And I liked it!

I am searching my way in life and tried many things, but still havent found a skill I really would want to develop for the rest of my live. I want to try programming, but it is so overwhelming - there are so many languages novadays, both programming and scripting, from C++ to Python.

What language (can be either programming or scripting) should I start with? I want something not that hard, which will lead to visible results soon enough. Which will lead to real projects, little but real. I am kind of old for starting this kind of education (24 :-), so I first need to understand if I want to program at all, and if yes - then I could go deeper. Ah, and yes - I know nothing in physics or math, though willing to learn from scratch if I will really get into programming.


Basics in Reaktor learnt, what's next?

07 November 2011 - 01:26 AM

Hello, been lurking around for a while and recently got a question I need a little help with :)

So, past few weeks I was learning Reaktor and now I feel fairly comfortable with it on pretty basic level. I am not a musician, but sound designer.
I made my own little happy grainCloud syntesizer with XY controller and stuff, because I didn't like overcomplicated factory ones (they also are harder to tweak since their structure goes beyond my abilities to understand).
Anyways, I ended up with very few things I use in Reaktor for sound design: grainCloud, filters, reverb and stereo panorama (because I feel here I have more control over the onces I have in Cubase (yes, I use Cubase for layering and some audio manipulation)).
I wanted to ask you guys for some ideas about what else can I do with Reaktor for sound design? My progression/learning kinda stuck because of lack of clear goal :/

I also was thinking about starting max/msp, but again I am not sure about what will I build with it besides granular synthesizer (if so it will not worth the effort obviously).