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In Topic: Help with trailer

15 November 2011 - 11:46 AM

Thank You very much. It really helps. :)

In Topic: Help with trailer

14 November 2011 - 11:47 PM

1. Attack, no matter the casualties - the most important thing is they have to bleed out before us. (note from me - is it ok in grammar way and do You get the point that some guy doesn't care about his army and he cares only for destroy (bleed out) his enemies?)
2. It is not a game about good guys...
3. In 3 really unpleasant planets...
4. With 22 technologies... (do you know what the sonic emitter does with your liver?)
5. Against 20 types of 8280 enemies...
6. You will find what the war really is

1. Attack at all costs and take no prisoners. It's them or us.
2. This is not a game for nice guys... {not sure what the context is}
3. On three garbage pit planets...
Or: On three hellhole planets...
4. With 22 unique weapons... (do you know what the sonic emitter does to your liver?)
5. {I don't understand what this means}
6. You will find what war really is.

1. It is ok, but it is not "fun". The context is - we hear a general (it is quote) who told his army that they has to attack no matter the cost because the only thing he cares about is that they have to destroy (bleed out) their enemies before they destroy them (yes, he is really evil).

2. The context is "It is not a game about good guys" so we don't play in this game good heroes, who rescue princess, but killing, exploiting and destroying everything. So my sentence is still wrong?

3. My version is not correct? Maybe "On" (not in) 3 really unpleasant planets...

4. not "with your liver" but "to your liver"? ok, I will change this.

5. It means against 20 types (20 different, unique units) of 8280 (this is their amount in the whole game) enemies.

6. Not "the war" or "a war"? And "find", but not "find out"?