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In Topic: What console are you buying in 2013?

22 May 2013 - 04:17 AM

Seriously, by now everyone should know, that if you want to play a bunch of FPS and have TV in your box go with Microsoft. If you want a more diverse library of exclusives go with Sony.

Also non of the big three (Nintendo, Microsoft or Sony) have anounced a single thing that has made me think "wow" or "thats inovative|".   It just seems like theyve taken a bunch of componants off the shelf put them in a box, given it a shake and said "right thats the new generation of console".


Nothing innovative? Sony bought Gaikai for the pure reason to provide a cloud-based service, that will give anything at an instant. Features like remote-control of your friends game to join him on his session. Backwards compatibility and instant availability of games you bought without downloading them through the same service.


As Microsoft already pointed out in their press conference: if you like TV and fantasy football we have something for you. To each his own, I will definitely buy a PS4.