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Binary space partitioning

17 November 2011 - 12:09 PM

Hello ,

I have been reading Real Time Collision Detection to understand the various concepts related to collision detection in games.

And I am having some problem understanding Binary Space Partitioning .

I am failing to understand what does "polygon" represent here when you say divide the polygon if it the selected dividing plane intersects it.

Is it the Polygons that make the model or the Polygons of the Convex hull of the model ??

For example , if there is a cube exactly in the center of the room and i select a dividing plane along the diagonal of the room . It will intersect the cube as well along the diagonal or maybe into two halves depending on its orientation . So , need i divide my cube in to two separate models(or create two modelmesh for the cube model each mesh storing the two halves of cubes) or just the convex hull of the cube ??

I assume in case of a solid leaf BSP for collision queries , Convex hull will do the job . However , what about Node -Storing BSP for rendering or Leaf-Storing BSP??

Incase we need to divide the polygons of the model itself , Could someone please direct me to some article explaining the same. Also if there is any support for model partitioning in XNA ?