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In Topic: Map PhysicsBones to ModelBones for Ragdoll (PhysX and DirectX)

15 April 2013 - 03:47 PM

Sorry for bumping this thread but I am really desperate in finding my problems.
As said before I guess there is something wrong with my Offset and TransformMatrix calculations.

So here the snippet isolated: http://pastebin.com/gVTLCrbJ.


Anyone out here having experience with ragdolls or mapping actors to "bones" from an .x file?

Maybe one can point me in the right direction regarding formulas or pointing out an mistake in my
logic :)
Thx guys!

In Topic: Map PhysicsBones to ModelBones for Ragdoll (PhysX and DirectX)

13 April 2013 - 11:32 AM

Hey, sorry for the late respons.
Dirk Gregorius: I am having issues with putting the PhysX actors in the right position. For some reasons the data I get does not match as a direct input for PhysX actors. For the step 1 I put the actors on the correct position at this moment. Doing it your way would make it more difficult at this stage, but your version would be the final version offcourse.

So, I know how a ragdoll system should work. But I have issues with writing one myself :). In particular the first step.

If I position my actors using this formula: TotalOffset * LocalTransformAnimation

I get these results:



My TotalOffset is something like this:

TotalOffset = parentOffset * parentOffset * ........... * ownOffset;


Also checked some of the raw data from the .x itself. And found some strange things.

1. The offset of the bone is the offset based from the parent BUT the transform already has transform of the parent. This is kinda weird, why not both the final transform and offset or it's own offset and it's own local transform?

2. When I double check the numbers of the TotalOffset not all of them are correct. Some numbers that need to be 32.901 for exmample are 35.487.


I've been looking into this issue for a while now and haven't come up with a solution. Could someone guide me in solving this issue?


Here you can find some code, in my opinion, related to this problem:



PS: Everything works fine for the model itself (raw transform are being passed to a shader that positions the vertices to the right position). It is being animated correctly so there is no issue with the raw data from the .X file I guess (also double checked it with the Assimp Viewer).

In Topic: Setting up Collada DOM 2.4.0 in VS 2010

20 July 2012 - 06:21 PM

Oke I've got rid of the "Unknown compiler version" by adding BOOST 1.50 to the project (still was using BOOST 1.47)
But I still can't build successful libs... I get some other warnings new. (ps: trying to build the dom project (vc10-1.4) in Visual Studio 2010 in Debug mode
In detail:

Please, can someone tell me what these are? Only getting .obj files right now.... Thx in advance!

In Topic: Getting started with AI

03 March 2012 - 06:37 PM


i'm rather new in game development and I'm working on my second large project (student).
I'll have to program some "basic" AI soon and when I looked at your code I saw an interesting
thing. Your commands have their own class. This is a very interesting fact for me.
Why did you choose to create a command class? Isn't it more interesting to work with
a command manager, which have several states and function to handle everything. And
let the command manager work togheter with a unit manager for example.
Not sure... but that was my first idea/concept. I def want to get into your choice of doing it like that.


In Topic: Best way to load a mesh

24 November 2011 - 12:38 PM

Never heard of a XML parser... is it, like Krohm say, difficult to write?

I'll def look into several interesting formats, because i'm not that happy with the OBJ parser we had to read. I like the idea of baked materials etc. instead of parsing through a file, extract every bit of information and trying to get it all work together. Atm it is not that important, but in 4 months we'll have to write our own engine. I would like to support a meshformat that is easy to use for the developer, not to heavy for the engine (loading time) and has all the necessary things. I thought studios would have inhouse formats and plug-ins/software for their stuff, but I can't afford writing my own. I don't even qualify, because i have no experience creating my own formats.