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In Topic: Introducing myself & my music

05 December 2011 - 05:25 PM

Hi All,

Really appreciate all the welcomes and comments. Glad you enjoyed listening; the suggestions are very constructive and there are some things raised here that i'm aware I could do to further develop these pieces; they have been very well articulated in this thread which is great.

Calum - you are right around the piano; I'd consider it my "go to" choice most probably because I've been playing one since I was around five so i'm incredibly biased around it's merits as an instrument ;).

Again, many thanks!

In Topic: Portfolio/Website Feedback

20 November 2011 - 04:27 AM

Hi Calum,

Firstly you have a lot on great content on your site so I think that's definitely something you should be proud of. You have examples of re-scored films and games, provided music in articles and worked in many different types of projects which shows your versatility which is great. I particularly like the idea of your Pokémon inspired project!

I would echo the point made by Kryzon around improving the usability/navigation of the site. There is a fine line between minimalist layouts and blandness. As well as a bio section which you have mentioned below, I would also have a dedicated music page where you list out the entirety of your content in some logical format i.e. "re-scores", "projects" or something similar. Something akin to your "Samples" page but for all of your content. Also, as your site is effectively your online CV, I would create a demo reel of your music which really capitalises on the range of projects you have been involved with and music you have created (I know you did a demo reel of sorts for your visual novel project, but I would expand upon that idea for all your music). You could also do multiple demo reels for different aspects of your content if you think it'd be more appropriate. I think demo reels are a really useful way of getting your music heard efficiently - also easier to attach in emails if you're applying for anything etc.

With regards to the content of the actual music, Kryzon's critique is a lot more astute than mine. I enjoyed listening to everything and definitely agree that your thematic content is great. Your Pikachu piece was a standout favourite of mine.

Hope I haven't recycled too many of the comments made and this helps!