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#4885720 Introducing myself & my music

Posted by on 19 November 2011 - 04:59 PM

Hi All,

There's a really strong community here for musicians/video game enthusiasts of all ilks, so I thought i'd join and introduce myself - my name's Matt. I've been writing/sequencing music as a hobbyist for a few years now. I have a full time job so at the moment I'm creating music purely for the enjoyment; i've participated in various projects over the last couple of years such as writing the music for a gaming podcast, provided some music on some smaller scale games and friend's university projects etc.

I would appreciate any comments and feedback you have on these pieces; I will be sure to do the same on similar threads. If you'd like to collaborate on any projects feel free to reply/mail/tweet me.

  • Demo Reel is here - this contains around eleven of my pieces in 30 second snippets.
  • Example Chip tune piece in full is here.
  • Example Orchestral piece in full is here.
  • Example Rock piece in full in here.
Full versions of all my pieces are available to download on my blog.

Many thanks!