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Code Fox

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Code Snippets > How To Easily Stop The Steam Processes On Windows

Posted 10 January 2016

Steam, and all of it's child processes, may not seem like much for those that have fast internet and a higher end computer, but for me and many others it can be a pain in the arse.
Steam ( and it's child processes ) tends to eat up a lot of my RAM, and continuously attempts to download large 'updates' that kills my turtle speed internet ( no, I can not c...

Code Snippets > Java - Getting The Path Of The Jar File

Posted 24 September 2015

Whenever you are working with files in Java, sometimes you need to get the full path to the directory the .jar file is located in. Most of the time you can just use
.String path = "./File_Name.txt"; // Note the "." before the "/"
when dealing with reading/writing/creating files and directories - HOWEVER for those times when that is not enough, you'll...

Code Snippets > Detroit - "We Don't Want New Business"

Posted 09 March 2015

A few months ago I had a great idea for a business in Detroit - a specialized reclamation company that would provide a low cost method for cleaning up run down Detroit buildings.

With a rough draft of business plan in hand, I started researching all the licensing and or...

Code Snippets > Who Is Springtrap From Five Nights At Freddy's ?

Posted 03 March 2015

The game "5 Nights At Freddy's 3 " hasn't been out a full day yet, and already there is speculation on who the animatronic "Springtrap" is.
One of the most popular theories is that he the only animatronic that is not a phantom - Bonnie.
I do not believe Springtrap is from the other games.
Let's take a close look at Springtrap ...

Code Snippets > Identity Theft - Credit Monitoring Is *NOT* Enough !

Posted 07 February 2015

Very recently I found out that I was one of over 80 million accounts that were hacked from Anthem ( due to their non existent account security ) .
I immediately filed a security freeze with all 3 Credit Bureaus, and than started doing research on ways the hackers could use my personal information (Name, Social Security Number , Address, e.t.c.) .