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In Topic: Marina Joyce Loses Her Mind.

10 August 2016 - 01:23 PM

Not the fisrt time this person has said some ... interesting ... things on social media.

If anyone wants to do some reading about this "YouTube Star" ...



In Topic: The Problem With Capitalism

06 August 2016 - 12:04 AM


Unemployment has floated between 5 and 10 percent for at least the last hundred years (outside of the Great Depression), with no clear trend in any direction. Were your fears true, surely we'd see a clear positive trend?

Technology had graced us with more flexibility in jobs and less work hours as well as better living conditions. You'll have to excuse me if I want that trend to continue.



Looking at the latest labor reports, the labor pool ( and government manipulation doesn't help) in the "developed" world are going down, making the "unemployment rate" an unreliable metric to determine the percentage that is actually working, or who want to work.

In the meantime, cost-of-living is going through the roof. Apparently "better living conditions" is being homeless ?

In Topic: The Problem With Capitalism

05 August 2016 - 08:25 AM

This seems to be the Luddite argument that people have been making for a long time about new technology, but new jobs appear to replace those lost, and so the claimed criticism never happens. And are you seriously saying that it would be better if we didn't strive to do that? It'd be better if we didn't have robots and computers and factories replacing all that human labour?


Could you please list all these "new jobs" that can sustain over 7,400,000,000 ( 7.4 billion ) humans? ( roughly 5,000,000,000 [ 5 billion ] workers )

Last year 131,000,000 ( 131 million ) new humans were made.

It seems like thousands of "old jobs" are being replaced with a handful of new jobs ... AKA "diminishing labor returns" .

In Topic: The Problem With Capitalism

05 August 2016 - 06:45 AM

The AI learns how to design beautiful sky scrapers. Build bridges. Do urban planning. Design electronics. Write code. Paint pictures.


There are engineering programs that already design entire buildings ( including all electrical and piping systems ), landscape, electrical circuits, and much more.

 Heck, chances are you have read a bot written news article sometime in the last week, maybe even seen bot made art, or even listened to bot made music !


Edit: apparently there are quite a few self programming bots that exist now-a-days.

In Topic: The Problem With Capitalism

04 August 2016 - 07:49 PM


If we accept the premise that this is an ethical issue (and some do fervently believe that unfair pay is unethical), then it would seem to follow that a company that can't afford to pay its workers a living wage deserves to go out of business.



So small businesses are not allowed than? Only large government regulated and controlled companies?

Or are we getting into the territory of government paying companies to stay in business?


 Every time this point is brought up, folks want to exclude "small local business" from high taxes, wage costs, and regulation, while at the same time punishing large companies for existing.

 Doesn't that defeat the the purpose of "living wage theory" if you don't treat all companies equally in regard to employee pay, benefits and regulation?