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#5302807 Stackoverflow And Money

Posted by on 27 July 2016 - 02:32 PM

As a veteran in a management position, yes .

 As an average "code monkey" , not even close.

#5294895 Best approach for a demo game in short time?

Posted by on 03 June 2016 - 10:22 PM

2 months is not a lot of time to learn a complex game engine AND a lower level programming language at the same time. I do not know what you plan on doing in that time, but you may want to consider scaling back to something more reasonable for someone who is new to programming.

 In 2 months, if you are a fast learner, something like Snake or Asteroids is possible. 


HERE is a good free E-Book to get you started in C++

#5294699 Switching from C++ to Java

Posted by on 02 June 2016 - 02:02 PM



 Java outlaws global functions


public static void someMethod(){
//stuff goes here


In a way, you can have 'global functions' in Java by declaring a method as static - it's not recommended practice, since it can lead to spaghetti code ...

#5294585 Building a game like "Game of War"

Posted by on 02 June 2016 - 12:15 AM

Awe... Godaddy wants like 10k a month for a dedicated server. Ok. There is no way to finish this without money. I'll have to be creative and find a way to make it different so I don't need to make it into an mmo. Maybe just have it like many other games where there is just a live chat.


Before dropping any money on a server, you can always test, for free, using


 How is the coding bits coming long?

#5294574 Building a game like "Game of War"

Posted by on 01 June 2016 - 09:51 PM

I don't remember saying easy. I'm taking short cuts to make it more simple. I think it is hard but not as hard as everyone says. I'm learning JavaScript now. Some is familiar.


I have a "simple" challenge for you than.

 Using JavaScript / HTML5 ( no need for Unity at this point ), write a program that generates a random maze that can be solved. ( I can easily tell if you copy-paste )

 This kind of programming will be just a small part of the path finding AI required to make an RTS like you have mentioned above.

#5294506 Building a game like "Game of War"

Posted by on 01 June 2016 - 11:50 AM

Game Of War looks like a tile based RTS / base building type of game.


HERE is a video tutorial to get you started ...

Programming the AI for a game like this is not going to be easy!

#5294001 I Feel Really Stupid Now ...

Posted by on 28 May 2016 - 10:52 PM

We all have "one of those days" sometimes



For over 90 minutes I was attempting to assign a value to an initialized array -  inside of the class body ...




( For you's that aren't familiar with Java, you can't do that - it throws errors )

public class Random{

// Can not do it this way
String a;
a = "Moo!";

// Correct way to do it
String b = "Moo";

// Also correct 
String c;
     public Random(){
     c = "Moo!";


#5293997 Testing If 2 Objects Are The Same

Posted by on 28 May 2016 - 09:27 PM

  @Override public boolean equals(Object o) {
    if (this == o) {return true;}
    if (o == null || !(o instanceof Test)) {return false;}
    Test tmp = (Test) o;
    return (this.b == tmp.b && Objects.equals(this.a, tmp.a) ); 

So the answer to my question is "no" ?

#5292829 Best Programming Language for Simple Multiplayer Sport Simulation Game

Posted by on 22 May 2016 - 01:21 AM

If you do not want to get into complex server modification, I recommend going with a simple PHP / SQL environment. ( You also get to play with HTML5 and JavaScript )

 For windows, a server can be set up in one click for free

#5254765 I want to make a game but i have no skill!

Posted by on 30 September 2015 - 06:39 AM


This I can agree with. However what I find kind of bad is the constant bashing of indie games on YouTube. Games like this might be bad to us but someone put their heart and soul into it and thought it good enough to share with the world. Probably a lone developer on a low budget or no budget. If this is their first game and they are met with such a hostile reception (see the YouTube comments) why would they ever be tempted to release something better? ...gamers and especially Youtubers can be so mean and child like. Is this what awaits most of us?...



Simple solution - don't attempt to sell the game on a major publishing site! There are a quite a few malicious "game developers" who intentionally release poor quality game, after poor quality game, after poor quality game ( Digital Homicide is one of the more noteworthy 'companies' ).

 Put your early not-so-good games on sites such as itch.io , and please stop believing that "any" game is good enough to be sold for $$$ .

#5254590 I want to make a game but i have no skill!

Posted by on 29 September 2015 - 08:16 AM

then get the skills needed. It's not rocket science, just a lot of hard work.


Just don't expect a shortcut and being able to finish an AAA Game in 21 hours....


 Just a note: Steam and other online stores are flooded by absolute garbage that are carelessly slapped together in a game engine, such as Unity, GameMaker, or Unreal Engine .... Please PLEASE take your time and study good game design!


 Me, and many other people are getting sick and tired of all the "shovelware" - most common being hallway shooters, walking simulators, and first person horror.

[HERE] is an example of a game that was slapped together in a couple hours, and than sold on Steam - no one wants this junk!

#5253055 Battleground Fantasy- crowdfunding question

Posted by on 19 September 2015 - 10:24 AM

1: You have to "stand out" to get noticed amongst all the others who have flooded the crowdfunding sites.  Having a professional promo video and artwork is pretty much mandatory.

2: Set your funding goal  low - don't expect many folks to donate to your cause ( but if a lot of folks do, great ! ).

3: Don't over promise. This is becoming a very annoying trend. Only promise what you KNOW you can deliver.

4: Don't set a release date. Too many games are rushed out the door, uncompleted, because of this.

5: Be realistic ( and cost effective ) about the "rewards" you will be giving backers.


6: Create a blog that shows backers daily progress you are making on the game.

#5248882 Out of ideas for games.

Posted by on 25 August 2015 - 05:42 PM

If you are out of ideas, open a dictionary to a random page and randomly pick a word.


 Now slap the words "Simulator 2015" to the end of that word.

#5246469 2D shooting cannon in Java errors

Posted by on 14 August 2015 - 08:44 AM

( This code has a little bit of an issue with spaghetti going on, which can make the code hard to read and debug )


 The error is a null pointer that was returned by ....


going to that class, we have this ...

public double getX() {
        return position.getX(); } 

tracing that back, we get

private Vector position;

This Vector object is not initiated whenever the Entity object is created - and thus is in a NULL state until it is set.


 You need to learn how to 'set' class objects and class verables whenever an object is created, using constructors [ LINK ]

#5243013 Can game development excel with abstract concepts?

Posted by on 27 July 2015 - 12:03 PM


That meant i would have to click 400x800x5 (1,600,000) times or less!!!


If there is a "quantifiable" logic error in the matrix, wouldn't it be easier to to create a dump file with the results of each iteration, than write a script to automatically scan the file and report on all the abnormal ( out of expected bounds ) behaviors ?


 Note: I have actually done something like this before to find logic flaws with a fractal-noise program I wrote.