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Juliano Schroeder

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Misterious (or not) slow performance

08 December 2011 - 06:05 AM

Hello everyone,

I'm making a little piece of game to learn, so I'm kinda starting everything from scratch just to experience the difficulties. It is very simple by now, but I'm noticing a quick degrading in performance as soon as I start adding more elements to the system.

I have
  • a World object which defines world boundaries and a vector of box objects
  • a Box object that is the main element of the system
  • a PhysicSystem object that handles the boxes movement and collision
  • a Renderer class with static functions to draw the world and the boxes.
Here's the draw function:
void drawFrame() {

        /* ... projection matrix settings .. */
    	physys.calcBoxPositions(); //calculates box movement and detect collision
    	Renderer::drawWorld(w);  //draws the world boundaries
    	Renderer::drawWorldBoxes(&w); //draws each box

The box movement is just a constant increment on the y axis. The collision detection each box to all the others and the world, if it detects a collision, it stops incrementing the box position.

void PhysicSystem::calcBoxPositions() {

   std::vector<Box>::iterator it1;
   std::vector<Box> &boxList = this->world.getBoxList();

   for (it1 = boxList.begin(); it1 != boxList.end(); it1++) {
    	Box& b1 = *it1;
    	b1.setXY(b1.getX(), b1.getY() + this->gravity); //gravity is 0.001f

    	bool collided = false;
		std::vector<Box>::iterator it2;

    	for (it2 = boxList.begin(); it2 != boxList.end(); it2++) {

        	Box& b2 = *it2;
        	if (&b1 != &b2) { // not the same box

   				collided = checkCollision(b1,b2);
			if (collided) {
				collided = false;

    	if (b1.bottom() <= this->world.getY())
 			collided = true;

        if (b1.top() >= this->world.getY() + this->world.getHeight())
 			collided = true;

        if (collided) {
 			collided = false;

I start the thing with 4 boxes and it runs smoothly. When I add like 5 more boxes the frame rate drops heavily. I know that the collision checking has square complexity, but I don't think that it alone is the problem with so few boxes.

Any council/help/suggestion/critic will be appreciated,